‘Brand-Storming’ Your Way to the Top

Developing your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) requires some very focused brainstorming and creativity – this is what I call “Brand-Storming.” Pay attention to how other companies use their USPs to their advantage. This process requires careful analysis of your unique message and your most ideal clients. When you analyze in detail what you have to offer, not just your products or services, you can learn a great deal about how to distinguish yourself from the competition. You must develop a statement that clearly defines what your brand promise is all about, and what makes your message clearly stand out. Now that may sound easy, but it can be a very challenging message to define. The reason why is because you →

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Embrace Your Expertise

It doesn’t matter what your area of expertise is — you can turn it into many revenue streams, and even into an information empire. Your reach is partially infinite if you use the Internet and social media. Regardless of your area of expertise, you have access to millions of people who potentially fit into your target market. There are more than a billion people online. If you can capture the attention of just a fraction of those looking for more information on your subject or topic of expertise, you have found a potential Gold Mine. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional, accountant, financial advisor, carpet cleaner or just someone who loves supporting others with their knowledge, you can bet →

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Gain Clarity on Your BIG Vision

I wanted to share a little bit of information before I board a cruise ship today in Vancouver, BC, Canada — heading to Alaska through the Inland Passage to enjoy a summer getaway with some of my amazing clients. Together we will be soaking up the majestic beauty of Alaska and also spending a couple of inspirational, mind-blowing days creating a BIGGER VISION for our lives and our businesses while at sea. I have invited my clients to join me on this cruise — because I know the value of taking the time to get away from your normal daily activities to clear your mind, re-energize and get creative. Although you will not be joining us — so sorry! — →

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Your Responsibility as an Expert

Becoming an expert takes on a certain amount of responsibility – the responsibility for you to offer a successful program or service, and the responsibility to support others with real, lasting results. To thrive in this business for the long haul you must be willing to take on this responsibility for yourself and for others. Being ethical in business is also critical to long-term success as an expert. It’s a small world in the expert business, and if you don’t treat people right, the word gets out fast. Growing up I was taught to always be honest and fair in business. This has served me well, and it has always been a top priority for me. Being honest and ethical →

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The Power of the Internet is in Your Hands

Now that you have claimed your target market, it’s time for you to dominate with your expertise online. There has never been a better time to claim your expertise and brand and quickly dominate your spot on the internet. It’s easy to search your competition online and I suggest you do this in great detail. Now that you have claimed your expertise you need to know how to stand out from all of your competitors. Plan to spend some quality time online getting to know your competition and what they have to offer. Your domain names must be easy to remember and rich with words that people search for when seeking out an expert such as yourself. Look for additional →

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Today’s Inspiration

Understand that YOU where born into this world to make a difference by giving back to others in some way. When you share your gifts with the world, you begin to receive the most amazing gifts in return with a more fulfilled and enriched life. You’ll know when this commitment of giving back feels right because you will truly be living and breathing your own legacy … Yes, LIVING your legacy … not leaving it behind when you exit the planet. If you have ever been mentored, guided or coached by someone in any way, you understand the feeling of being supported by someone who believes in you. Maybe they even believed in you more than you believed in yourself →

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Boost Your Business by Becoming an Expert

Becoming a recognized expert in your field is an excellent way to boost your sales and business income. Expert positioning is a proven model that practically guarantees fast success! Whether through extensive education, years of hands-on experience, or a natural aptitude for a specific area of business, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who could justifiably be considered experts in their fields, even though many of these experts are not widely recognized as such today. You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable or successful person in your industry to be seen as an expert; you just have to do what it takes to become “recognized” as one. Positioning your marketing to showcase yourself as the expert is just the starting →

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Learn to Sell from Other Experts

As I traveled the world speaking and attending more events, I discovered that there were a lot of new experts coming on the scene. They used speaking as a way to sell their expert services. They were not professional speakers; in fact, many of them were not even good speakers. But what they did have was a message and an expertise that could help others solve problems, make more money, improve their lifestyle, get more clients and so on. I saw them selling from the stage like crazy and they were all making a lot more money that I was at the time. I was already a highly paid and skilled speaker who had been speaking professionally for over a →

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