Tap into your powerful belief system

CONDITIONING ABOUT SELF, MONEY, COMPARISONS: How do you describe personal wealth? People measure and define wealth in many different ways. If you only measure wealth in dollars, you may always be looking for that larger pot of gold at the end of a new rainbow. Working harder, working faster and doing more are NOT necessarily the keys to achieving personal satisfaction and success. Think about what wealth and success really mean to you. How would you live your life differently than you are right now? Would your success be defined with a balanced life of professional achievements, personal happiness and good health? If so, what path would you follow today to accomplish this balanced wealth plan? Below are three steps →

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Create a Big Vision for your small business

Even if your business is small, it doesn’t mean your vision needs to be. Think of your vision as the overall goals for your company. You can turn your big vision into reality by focusing on your customers, your brand and marketing that give you proven return on your investment. Once setting your vision or view of the future, set challenging, but realistic goals to move your business forward. Did you know that 80% of small business owners don’t currently keep track of their business goals? This being the case, if you just keep targeting and tracking your goals, you will achieve far more than the majority of your competitors. Your big vision shines when you remain focused on those →

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7 top marketing goals to focus on in 2017

  Looking toward the New Year you will want to create more marketing-focused goals to keep your big vision alive. Setting goals should also be aligned with a marketing plan to help you get there. But, most small business owners miss this part and either stop marketing when business gets challenging or keep doing the same old things, not measuring the results. 7 marketing goals to focus on in the New Year: Have a content marketing plan. What will you publish on your website and social media? Have a plan in place and a rough draft of every month’s marketing efforts at the beginning of the year. Find strategic partners. Your partners could be online or offline partners. For example, →

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Shift to Making a Difference

“Succeeding in new things creates confidence. Confidence in turn creates unstoppable success.” ~ Debbie Allen As an entrepreneur, my background in business started at a very young age, but I had no formal business training, except for what I learned from the school of hard knocks. I’ve built and sold numerous million dollar companies and although I’ve had many successes in my life, there came a time where I felt something was missing. That “something” was giving back to others. I had been blessed with having the opportunity to work with many wonderful mentors and experts throughout my life and believed it was time for me to begin supporting others with the wisdom I had learned while growing and marketing my →

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Shifting requires ignoring conventional approaches, paving your own path

If you want to stand out in this world, you must get really serious about doing something different and moving away from the “sea of sameness.” Focus on being different. Ordinarily, we achieve conventional wisdom following conventional ideas. We experience reasonable gains when we rely on reasonable approaches. You may find ways to make modest improvements and, in turn, make a modest income. But, if you go looking for nothing more than that, you will only have modest gains. Experts stand out and get noticed for the differences they make, not by following the status quo. They create quantum leaps by abandoning what’s been done and said before. Instead of once again doing what you have always done, shift to →

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Allow your passion to ignite your determination to achieve more

Passion must be filled with visions of a dream that are dramatic enough to make a big difference. Your emotional intensity must burn hot enough to protect you against the chilling effects of doubt, uncertainty, criticism and failure. Only deep desire can generate such heat. For example, when I’m speaking to an audience, my natural enthusiasm for what I teach allows energy to flow into me like a flame. Since I’ve learned to speak my mind and share my one true voice – my natural passion shines through, every time. It’s never forced because it’s authentically me. This fire never lets me down because every word I speak comes from soul and my spirit – a place that resides both →

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Create a new path – one of less resistance

The majority of people can be found flying too close to the ground. Too often they don’t give themselves permission to soar. Get uncomfortable. Prepare yourself for “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.” You’re going to cover some unfamiliar territory and encounter obstacles you’ve never faced before. It can feel like a roller coaster out of control when the safety of your behavior patterns is being stretched to the limit. The normal reaction is to want to hold on tight. But you’re going to have to learn to let go if you truly want to soar. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s a good sign. If you are experiencing no anxiety or discomfort, the risk you’re taking probably isn’t worth it for you. →

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Visualize your arrival!

  When you visualize, it’s like you “magnetize and move” yourself to the ways and means involved in getting there. Solutions begin to appear and answers come to you much easier. But you must be able to tolerate obstacles, confusion and even a bit of chaos as you shift. Don’t hold on to problems or challenges along the way. Move past roadblocks, stay committed to your passion and enjoy the journey. You’ll make some mistakes along the way but those “mistakes” are simply required lessons in the process of making a profound shift. Keep in mind that your “mistakes” must be profound enough to be able to share and create an impact on the lives of others. They are your →

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What’s holding you back from the shift you deserve?

Your mindset, for the moment, may be blinded by doubt or skepticism. The idea of making a shift in your business, jumping from the present level of achievement to one several stages higher is one bold move. It may feel a bit far-fetched to you now, but that may only be because you haven’t been trained to think that way. You may currently believe that you can’t make much improvement at all…much less a quantum shift. Sadly, most people only achieve about 10 percent of their true potential. False beliefs are easy to carry around in your mind and are self-imposed limitations. Beliefs can put a ceiling on how far you reach and fly. Your real limits are far beyond →

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Testimonials and Endorsements Can Rock Your World

Potential prospects may not always believe what you have to say about your products or services, and they might not believe all that your marketing has to say. However, most will believe what your satisfied clients have to say about you and your organization. That is why using testimonials in all of your marketing will magnify your success rate in converting prospects into clients. Add video testimonials to your YouTube channel and your website. Not only will video testimonials help you gain more business opportunities, they will also help you to gain more visibility from the various search engines. Now is that a win/win, or what? When it comes to getting endorsements for your book, you’ll need to get a →

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