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Learn to Sell from Other Experts

As I traveled the world speaking and attending more events, I discovered that there were a lot of new experts coming on the scene. They used speaking as a way to sell their expert services. They were not professional speakers; in fact, many of them were not even good speakers. But what they did have was a message and an expertise that could help others solve problems, make more money, improve their lifestyle, get more clients and so on. I saw them selling from the stage like crazy and they were all making a lot more money that I was at the time. I was already a highly paid and skilled speaker who had been speaking professionally for over a →

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The Psychology of Color

The use of color in your logo is important. Once defined, you will continue to bring those same colors into other forms of your marketing. Color in marketing speaks loudly to the subconscious mind. It can have a positive or negative reaction to your prospect within a matter of seconds. And on the internet you have less than 30 seconds to connect and make a great first impression. That’s why branding, the use of color and image has a lasting impact on whether a prospect will decide to work with you. On the internet you don’t deal face to face. Therefore, it’s a powerful visual and psychological medium. The words (or sales copy) on your website have by far the →

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Toot Your Own Horn

Once you figure out how YOU will best represent your overall brand, the next step is to get really good at marketing yourself. I call this “shameless” self-promotion. Self-promotion, when done effectively, works for ANY business or career. Once you begin to implement the proven marketing strategies behind it, it’s much easier to be successful in anything you set your mind to. In fact, when you become good at promoting yourself and your services, you will also begin to enjoy it more. Self-promotion can become very rewarding. When I was writing by book, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters, I shockingly discovered that an average of 85% of the thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and experts I’ve surveyed around the world →

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Grab Your Dot Com Now

Establish a great business name that defines what your expertise is all about. Here are some example of brand names that I’ve helped my clients create: Career Transition Expert, Money and Life Freedom Coach, Behavior Change Expert, Breakthrough Life Consulting, The Date Diva, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Awaken to Your Life Purpose and Stop Dieting for Life. Once you come up with a good name for your business make sure the domain is available. This is very important! You must be able to purchase the .com. And if the .com domain name is not available change the name! This is a critical first step because once you get into brand domination online you won’t be able to dominate your expertise without →

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Brand Domination is KEY

Brand domination is KEY to getting noticed online. So what is brand domination? Brand domination is when someone types in your name or brand online and the main expert they find on pages one, two and three of Google is you, your brand and your expertise. There is no doubt about this, the search engines are considered to be all powerful, a place where you can dominate with your brand and your expertise faster than ever before. Why should you dominate the internet for your personal name and your brand name? Just dominating for your name is fine if your name is your brand. If you have a brand name and this is how you present your business or products →

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Don’t bother writing a book unless you plan to market it

As an expert, I believe you should always make the commitment to write your book, but only when the timing is right for you. You need time to not only write the book, but to market it too. Marketing should happen very early on in the writing stage, not after the book is completed! If you are still in the process of growing your expert business, it’s not time for you to write a book quite yet – go out and get some clients and make some money first. It always shocks me when I hear someone say they are taking off for one to two years to write their book. Now that’s absolutely crazy! And what’s even crazier is →

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Develop a system to write your book FAST!

There is no such thing as writer’s block! The only reason you should get stuck writing your book is not knowing which direction to go. A system, plan or layout will help you visualize and gain focus so you have a clear direction. So before you start writing, create your book layout by doing a brainstorming session. I call this my Brand-Storm Book Writing System. Let’s try out the first part of this system right now. You’ll need a very large piece of paper, poster or a flip chart to make this work. Be sure to make your circles large enough that you can write inside of them. Begin by drawing one large circle in the middle of the page. →

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Authoring book can open many doors of opportunity

Your book probably is not going to make you a famously rich rock-star bestselling author; writing is not the way that most experts get rich. Look at your book as a door-opening opportunity that supports your highly paid expert business. It can be an amazing marketing tool to sell your expertise. There are over one hundred thousand books published in the U.S. alone every year, and few sell more than a few thousand copies. But that’s not going to stop you from writing a book. As an expert, it’s the best way to increase your income from the spin-offs the book can create. Products, speaking, coaching, events and even movie opportunities can come from your book. For example, it was →

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