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Brand Domination is KEY

Brand domination is KEY to getting noticed online. So what is brand domination? Brand domination is when someone types in your name or brand online and the main expert they find on pages one, two and three of Google is you, your brand and your expertise. There is no doubt about this, the search engines are considered to be all powerful, a place where you can dominate with your brand and your expertise faster than ever before. Why should you dominate the internet for your personal name and your brand name? Just dominating for your name is fine if your name is your brand. If you have a brand name and this is how you present your business or products →

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Don’t bother writing a book unless you plan to market it

As an expert, I believe you should always make the commitment to write your book, but only when the timing is right for you. You need time to not only write the book, but to market it too. Marketing should happen very early on in the writing stage, not after the book is completed! If you are still in the process of growing your expert business, it’s not time for you to write a book quite yet – go out and get some clients and make some money first. It always shocks me when I hear someone say they are taking off for one to two years to write their book. Now that’s absolutely crazy! And what’s even crazier is →

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Develop a system to write your book FAST!

There is no such thing as writer’s block! The only reason you should get stuck writing your book is not knowing which direction to go. A system, plan or layout will help you visualize and gain focus so you have a clear direction. So before you start writing, create your book layout by doing a brainstorming session. I call this my Brand-Storm Book Writing System. Let’s try out the first part of this system right now. You’ll need a very large piece of paper, poster or a flip chart to make this work. Be sure to make your circles large enough that you can write inside of them. Begin by drawing one large circle in the middle of the page. →

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Authoring book can open many doors of opportunity

Your book probably is not going to make you a famously rich rock-star bestselling author; writing is not the way that most experts get rich. Look at your book as a door-opening opportunity that supports your highly paid expert business. It can be an amazing marketing tool to sell your expertise. There are over one hundred thousand books published in the U.S. alone every year, and few sell more than a few thousand copies. But that’s not going to stop you from writing a book. As an expert, it’s the best way to increase your income from the spin-offs the book can create. Products, speaking, coaching, events and even movie opportunities can come from your book. For example, it was →

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Set Yourself Apart from the Masses

What direction will you take to set yourself apart from the “Sea of Sameness?” There are a lot of life and business coaches. How will you set yourself apart and define your expertise? You must find an area where you can dominate in the marketplace. When you pick a clear path to follow the right opportunities and clients will come your way because they will clearly understand your brand and admire your wisdom and expertise.  After you pick your direction, you’ll need to break it down even more to become specialized. For example, I have a couple of clients who are life coaches who specialize in the area of life purpose. My client Nadia has branded herself as The Life →

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5 Tips to Creating an Effective Logo Design

Your logo is one of the most critical parts for creating an effective business brand. Therefore, before you set out to create a new logo or re-create an existing logo, you need to first understand what a logo is and how it builds your brand awareness. A logo identifies a company or product with the use of an image, text or design. Logos are designed to identify your business at first glance. A logo should not just describe what a business does, it should identify the business in a memorable and simplistic way. Only after a logo becomes familiar does it function effectively. What do you want your logo to symbolize about your business? What visual do you want to →

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3 Step Process to Developing an Effective USP

Developing your USP (unique selling proposition) requires some hard brand-storming and creativity. One way to start is to analyze what clients say about the services you provide. What are the biggest and best benefits you have to offer? Also pay attention to how other companies use their USP’s to their advantage. This process requires careful analysis of your marketing message to your ideal client. If you analyze in detail what you have to offer (not just your products or services) you can learn a great deal about how to distinguish yourself from the competition. For example, the late Charles Revlon, founder of Revlon, always used to say he sold hope, not makeup. Some airlines sell friendly service, while others sell →

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How to Accelerate Your Business Growth with Video Marketing

Video marketing is a cost effective means of communicating with your target market and a powerful way to build your online presence. It’s a quick and easy way to gain massive amounts of traffic to your website by improving your page ranks on Google, YouTube and other social media sites. The number one reason why video marketing is becoming so important in business today is because it provides a more effective way to communicate with your target market. Videos instantly help you develop a strong bond between you and your online viewers. Often users would rather view a video about a certain topic than read about it in an article. This makes it much easier for the viewer to find →

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3 Ways to Create Rapid-Fire Success Online

First of all start with a great website design and consistent branded image. Next add the three main marketing strategies below to boost your online success. Strategy #1 Building a great website is the best investment in time and money that you can make for your business. Get a professional web designer to create the main page and the basic look of the site. It has been my experience that many designers know how to design a gorgeous-looking site, but you need to add the content that will help you sell. That’s why you need to understand how to market your business to your target market. It’s up to you to learn the website elements, strategies and psychology that get people →

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Re-Define, Re-Position and Re-Energize

Re-Define, Re-Position and Re-Energize your online opportunities. Re-Define:  If you have an existing website, take a look at all the text on your site. Make sure it is speaking directly to your target market. If not, rework your marketing copy all together to get more effective results. Re-Position:  It may be time for you to completely reinvent your brand and/or marketing direction. If so, you’ll need to create a new logo and brand message to reposition yourself in the marketplace. Re-Energize:  If you have a good existing website, you may be able to update each page or build a completely new website if your business has changed. Most websites are now created in a simple WordPress format. Take the time →

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