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Let Viewers Get to Know You Online

The next important item to add to your home page is an introduction video. This video is where viewers can personally connect to you as the expert. It should be no more than two minutes in length, as it’s hard to keep your viewers’ attention for much longer than that. Your video should welcome viewers to your site and showcase your personality. Relax, be yourself, and have fun with it. Start out by offering a benefit statement about your business; next, offer a couple of tips, ask them to look around your site, and to sign up for your free offer. Your main goal should be to make a personal connection and then give away a free gift so that →

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Great Marketing Copy is Critical to Your Online Success

Your website must instantly connect and build credibility with people. The home page is where you should spend the most quality time working on crafting every word of your site that directly relates to your most ideal clients. Don’t expect your webmaster to create a website for you with marketing copy that drives clients to you like crazy; it’s just not going to happen. Your website is only going to be as good as the content you provide. No matter how pretty or professional your website may appear or how much money you paid for it, it’s NOT going to be effective without great marketing copy. Driving traffic to your website is only important after you have an effective website. →

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Why Most Websites Don’t Work

The reason why most websites don’t work effectively is because they have disjointed messages and/or too much information that confuses the viewer. You must remain consistent with your message and expertise throughout your website. Often it’s much easier to create a new website than to modify an existing bad website. This way, the site is completely aligned from the home page and navigates effectively to each additional page. Think about your website as an easy-to-navigate path where you take viewers on a journey through your expertise, background, services, products, testimonials, credibility and more. There are no obstacles along the path, there are no confusing messages that send viewers in the wrong direction, just a simple and easy to follow straightforward →

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6 Steps to Staying on Target in Your Business

Disjointed messages sent to the wrong prospects will quickly kill your marketing efforts. When you are trying to be everything to everyone, it does not allow you to make a difference or stand out; it’s nearly impossible to define your ideal target market. You must relate to your ideal clients and target market with everything you do! Once you complete your logo, select your colors, finalize your USP and everything else that defines your brand, your marketing will be targeted towards a very specific group of prospects. Every time the right prospect lands on your website or social media links, they will understand exactly what your expertise is all about. Below are six steps to staying on target in your →

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“Brand-Storming” Your Way to the Top

Developing your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) requires some very focused brainstorming and creativity – this is what I call “Brand-Storming.” Pay attention to how other companies use their USPs to their advantage. This process requires careful analysis of your unique message and your most ideal clients. When you analyze in detail what you have to offer, not just your products or services, you can learn a great deal about how to distinguish yourself from the competition. You must develop a statement that clearly defines what your brand promise is all about, and what makes your message clearly stand out. Now that may sound easy, but it can be a very challenging message to define. The reason why is because you →

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Once you’ve figured out how YOU will best represent your overall brand, the next step is to get really good at marketing yourself. I call this “shameless” self-promotion. Self-promotion, when done effectively, works for ANY business or career. As soon as you begin to implement the proven marketing strategies behind it, it’s much easier to be successful in anything you set your mind to. In fact, when you get good at promoting yourself and your services, you will also begin to enjoy it more. Self-promotion can become very rewarding. When I was writing my book, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters, I shockingly discovered that an average of 85% of the thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and experts I’ve surveyed around →

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Does Your Business Card Scream EXPERT?

After your logo and USP (unique selling proposition) have been established or reinvented, it’s time to move on to your first marketing piece – your business card. Most cards don’t accurately present what someone’s business is all about. I see so many bad business cards that I’m shocked! And I know if there is a problem with the business card, the rest of the marketing is likely to be a disaster, too! Your business card may be the first visual connection a prospect has to your business. Your card will either promote or deflate your professional image. As an expert, you can’t afford to get this wrong. People will be judging you at first glance and the image of your →

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The Power of the Internet is in Your Hands

Now that you have claimed your target market, it’s time for you to dominate with your expertise online. There has never been a better time to claim your expertise and brand and quickly dominate your spot on the internet. It’s easy to search your competition online and I suggest you do this in great detail. Now that you have claimed your expertise you need to know how to stand out from all of your competitors. Plan to spend some quality time online getting to know your competition and what they have to offer. Your domain names must be easy to remember and rich with words that people search for when seeking out an expert such as yourself. Look for additional →

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Are You Googlable?

YouTube can help you become Googlable! The next thing to do is to set up your own YouTube Channel. This is where you will add correctly optimized videos for more online exposure. You’ll need to create quality content and publish it online with keyword-rich titles. Selecting the correct titles for your videos is critical to listing high on search engines for the search areas you wish to be found. Using video to promote your brand and website is a KEY marketing tool for every expert. The videos you post on YouTube can be listed high on a Google search in just a matter of days. Using the RIGHT keywords on the video title you post online is extremely important to →

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