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Build a Mental Picture With the Power of Focus

In order to progressively continue on your journey, you must have clearly defined objectives with measurable steps toward your goals. How many steps and how much time it will take is of little consequence. The key to experiencing satisfaction is to maintain focus and constant enthusiasm during your journey. Keep your dreams and goals firmly planted in your mind, know where you are going and make progress in that direction each day. Deciding on incremental steps necessary to achieve your goals will provide you with structure to keep you pointed in the right direction, and will supply you with the map to chart your progress. Like a well-planned road trip, you will always see where you are relative to where →

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Successful Entrepreneurs Focus on These 4 Attributes

Innovation: An entrepreneur is an innovator. They take the initiative to bring together new products, services and resources with the plans for developing a new way of doing things. Decision Making: An entrepreneur makes the basic decisions for the business and sets the course of the enterprise. Risk Taking: An entrepreneur takes risks with his or her time, effort, business reputation. They invest in opportunities that often are unknown or uncertain. Implementation: An entrepreneur understands that implementing their business plan is extremely important to succeed. Implementation requires a broad range of skills including management, marketing, promotion, sales, communication, finance, accounting and the Internet.

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Why Don’t They Teach Failure in School?

Why do failures tend to disappear from business education curriculum? Information about business failures is often scarce or ignored completely, yet it is inevitable. On the other hand, information on successful companies and their success strategies is in generous supply. Companies that pursue unsuccessful strategies either learn to change their business strategies or they go out of business. A successful company is described as having used visionary management and innovative marketing strategies while a failing business is accused of poor business management and overall bad business skills. So why don’t we teach future entrepreneurs more about failure? Wouldn’t that save you a ton of money learning from mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place? Can you imagine →

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Shifting requires ignoring conventional approaches, paving your own path

If you want to stand out in this world, you must get really serious about doing something different and moving away from the “sea of sameness.” Focus on being different. Ordinarily, we achieve conventional wisdom following conventional ideas. We experience reasonable gains when we rely on reasonable approaches. You may find ways to make modest improvements and, in turn, make a modest income. But, if you go looking for nothing more than that, you will only have modest gains. Experts stand out and get noticed for the differences they make, not by following the status quo. They create quantum leaps by abandoning what’s been done and said before. Instead of once again doing what you have always done, shift to →

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Create a new path – one of less resistance

The majority of people can be found flying too close to the ground. Too often they don’t give themselves permission to soar. Get uncomfortable. Prepare yourself for “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.” You’re going to cover some unfamiliar territory and encounter obstacles you’ve never faced before. It can feel like a roller coaster out of control when the safety of your behavior patterns is being stretched to the limit. The normal reaction is to want to hold on tight. But you’re going to have to learn to let go if you truly want to soar. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s a good sign. If you are experiencing no anxiety or discomfort, the risk you’re taking probably isn’t worth it for you. →

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Visualize your arrival!

  When you visualize, it’s like you “magnetize and move” yourself to the ways and means involved in getting there. Solutions begin to appear and answers come to you much easier. But you must be able to tolerate obstacles, confusion and even a bit of chaos as you shift. Don’t hold on to problems or challenges along the way. Move past roadblocks, stay committed to your passion and enjoy the journey. You’ll make some mistakes along the way but those “mistakes” are simply required lessons in the process of making a profound shift. Keep in mind that your “mistakes” must be profound enough to be able to share and create an impact on the lives of others. They are your →

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Teach your clients how to refer you

Tell your clients exactly what you would like them to do when they refer you. Don’t leave it up to chance, and don’t leave out any details. For example, I have two ways for my clients to easily refer people to my business. First of all, I share a website link to an online questionnaire that clients receive when they sign up for my program. Clients can easily direct their referrals to this page via email, and once their referral submits the questionnaire online, they get scheduled for a free 10 minute mentoring call with me. The second way I make it easy for my clients to refer me is to pass along VIP guest tickets to attend my live →

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Get Your ‘Ask’ in Gear

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing money for a good reason. If you don’t know how to ask for or how to make and manage large sums of money you’re not going to make it to the highly paid expert level at the top of the pyramid (read about this in another blog post). Your income can grow only to the extent that you do. Not knowing how to ASK stops the flow of opportunities and money. There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable asking for money. If asking for money doesn’t come easy, you must learn how to ramp up your courage to ASK for—and get—what you’re worth.

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Set Realistic Goals as You Grow Your Business

Few people take the time to look at the REAL numbers when it comes to setting income goals; therefore they set lofty goals that set them up for failure. If you are just starting out as an expert, a realistic goal for you to shoot for may be $100,000 per year. This can become a reality if you already have a quality brand, effective marketing plan and some high-level clients in place. To make $100,000 a year, you will need to generate an average of $8,300 per month. And of course this means your gross income, excluding taxes, business expenses, and so on. You may need to reconsider your ultimate income goal target. Whatever that number is, you need to →

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Learning Speaking Lessons the Hard Way

Okay, now I’m going to dish out the ugly side of the event business so that you can get an idea of what to watch out for and hopefully avoid. Here are a few bad experiences I’ve had with hosts that went terribly wrong. I won’t mention these hosts by name, but I will mention them by experience.    First there was “The Hostage Holder.” This host held the speakers captive for the entire weekend by not telling them when they would be going on stage to speak. He did this just to keep the speakers available for the full event. Now, usually I’ll stay for the majority of an event anyway, but I don’t want to be forced to stay. →

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