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4 Steps to Building a Successful Consulting Business

Consultants have more of a guiding role in which they advise their clients to do the work that will achieve the desired results. If you believe that you are not the “hand-holding” type and more of the “advisor-type,” then consulting may be a better fit for you rather than coaching. How you approach a client is important when it comes to how you will work with them, either as a coach or a consultant. For example, I have a very systemized step-by-step program that guides my clients through a business and brand strategy tailored specifically to them. I advise with a very direct, no “B.S.” type of approach when I work with my clients. Clients must be coachable and open →

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Manifest Your Most Ideal Clients

Consulting is a wonderful career that allows you to give from your wisdom and your heart. It allows you to share your expert skills with others and allows you to guide your clients to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, inspire hope and encouragement, empower change, make more money and much more.  There are many ways to set up your consulting programs. There is no one specific way that works for every expert. Set up your own unique programs that fit into your highly paid expert lifestyle, and always keep your annual income goal in mind.  Seek out action-takers, clients who are ready to go, people who want your support to move. Take on high-level clients who understand your value and are →

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Never Undervalue Your Services

Coaching is an awesome business to be in; it’s a business where you can set your own schedule, you get paid well for doing it, and you can work the way you want around your lifestyle. It’s also a really easy business to get into, actually. But the main problem that many coaches have is that they undervalue themselves and charge low hourly fees. Charging by the hour will keep you stuck and broke in the coaching business. So let me say it like this, “No more charging dollars per hour!” Unless you are charging fees of $5,000 an hour or more – charging by the hour is not the way to go. To move from dollar per hour to →

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Great Coaches Lead with Their Heart

Decide what path you want to take with your coaching business and OWN it. For example, you can’t call yourself a business coach and a life coach. You’re either going to be a personal life coach or you’re going to be a business coach; one or the other, not both! People often need to work with a life coach first to get their personal matters in order before working with a business coach. Both are equally important – which one fits you best? Select just ONE direction to follow or you’ll come across as too generalized. Life coaches are professionals who work with people to help them build on their past successes and make desired changes in their personal life. A →

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How to Start an Expert Coaching Business

So what if you want to be a coach but don’t know what direction to take or where to go? Having an interest and a passion is a good place start. Often that’s how many coaches start out, teaching what they most need to learn, because it’s what interests them. For example, I had a client who had no idea what direction she was going to take when we started working together. All she knew was that she wanted to help people.   So I said, ““It’s great that you want to help people, but what are you good at?” She responded, “I’m really good at procrastinating!” I laughed and said, “Okay, well then, should we move a little faster on →

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The Ultimate Goal of a Coach is to Help Others Win

There are coaches for just about everything you could imagine. We used to think of a coach as someone who coaches a sports team to win the game. Winning is their ultimate goal! The ultimate goal can be the same for business and in life – to achieve a personal or professional win. Coaches help others win by helping them to achieve more success, achieve goals, relieve stress, break through obstacles, etc. There are coaches for family support, dating and marriage, addiction, and just about everything you can imagine. Personally I have mentored many different types of business and life coaches in diverse industries. What I’ve discovered is that they have the same goal in mind – to improve their marketing so →

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Communicate Your Value Through Coaching

Much of the work of a coach is setting goals and then encouraging clients to achieve and exceed them. Coaches hold their clients accountable for their actions. Having someone hold you accountable can be life changing. Seeing the change and growth in others is rewarding. That’s what fills a coach’s heart, yet some coaches like giving so much that they can actually give away too much and under value their services. Some tend to give away their coaching time freely and short change their income. Giving away too much won’t pay the bills. But once you learn how to quickly communicate your value, develop more high-value coaching programs and how to ask for more money; you’ll be well on your →

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