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Learn to Sell from Other Experts

As I traveled the world speaking and attending more events, I discovered that there were a lot of new experts coming on the scene. They used speaking as a way to sell their expert services. They were not professional speakers; in fact, many of them were not even good speakers. But what they did have was a message and an expertise that could help others solve problems, make more money, improve their lifestyle, get more clients and so on. I saw them selling from the stage like crazy and they were all making a lot more money that I was at the time. I was already a highly paid and skilled speaker who had been speaking professionally for over a →

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Takes on Many Forms

The Disciplined Mind: Mental discipline is the ability to keep your thoughts focused on goal-directed activity to the exclusion of all else. With high levels of mental discipline you reach your goals faster. The Systemized Mind: A systemized mind looks at procedures and discovers what needs to be done to make the business work more effectively. With systems in place you have the ability to see the big picture. The Creative Mind: The creative mind thinks out-of-the-box. With creativity you can discover many unique ways to stand out from the crowd. The Resilient Mind: A resilient mind is open and flexible. With an open mind you let go of uncertainties and become open to innovative ideas. The Ethical Mind: An →

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Selling Your Expertise at Multi-Speaker Events

Experts who speak to sell are also called “platform speakers.” They often present at events hosted by someone other than themselves. This only works if you sell well from the stage! If not, you won’t be invited back to these stages. At these events you take on less risk, needing only to pay your own expenses to show up and sell. But before you agree to speak at one of these events you must be very well prepared! The host foots the bill for the entire event, and no matter what deal the host may make with their speakers to help fill their seats, most speakers don’t do a good job helping them out. The host still holds the responsibility →

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Do your Homework Before you Agree to Speak

Just as there are those “so called” unethical speakers out there, the same holds true for a select number of unethical hosts. I’ve been burned a few times by event hosts myself. That’s why I’m a lot more selective of the number of multi-speaker events I agree to speak at. Do your homework in advance by asking the host the right questions in advance. Here are some important questions to ask before you agree to speak: How many events have they hosted in the past? How many attendees do they expect will attend? Who is their target audience? Who else will be speaking at the event? Every answer should be the right fit for you and your expertise. For example, →

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Your Responsibility as an Expert

Becoming an expert takes on a certain amount of responsibility – the responsibility for you to offer a successful program or service, and the responsibility to support others with real, lasting results. To thrive in this business for the long haul you must be willing to take on this responsibility for yourself and for others. Being ethical in business is also critical to long-term success as an expert. It’s a small world in the expert business, and if you don’t treat people right, the word gets out fast. Growing up I was taught to always be honest and fair in business. This has served me well, and it has always been a top priority for me. Being honest and ethical →

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