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Learn to Sell from Other Experts

As I traveled the world speaking and attending more events, I discovered that there were a lot of new experts coming on the scene. They used speaking as a way to sell their expert services. They were not professional speakers; in fact, many of them were not even good speakers. But what they did have was a message and an expertise that could help others solve problems, make more money, improve their lifestyle, get more clients and so on. I saw them selling from the stage like crazy and they were all making a lot more money that I was at the time. I was already a highly paid and skilled speaker who had been speaking professionally for over a →

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Behind the Scenes Revealed

The curtain has been pulled back to finally reveal the behind the scenes look at becoming a highly paid expert. What’s behind the curtain is an exciting opportunity for you to step up to a much bigger game in business and in life. As you pull back the curtain begin to imagine and visualize that you are already there; a well-known authority in your niche market where you are highly respected and highly paid for your expertise. [list style=”star”] You have ideal clients who greatly value your advice and are easily open to paying you top dollar for your opinions, experience and knowledge. You live a life of supporting others, yet you are generously gifted with unlimited abundance. You are →

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I’m Pulling Back the Curtains

Finally I’m pulling back the curtains to reveal my secrets and strategies to become a highly paid expert so that you can prosper from making a difference in the world. My goal is to create more “real” experts than ever before so they can help change lives with their wisdom, skills and talents in support of others … all while prospering from a career they love. For years many so-called experts have tried to launch into this business and have failed. Many failed due to lack of knowledge of how to penetrate and dominate their market, while others launched with poor marketing plans that didn’t allow them to stand out from their competitors. Even more failed due to a lack →

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