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Grow Your Expert Community

Grow Your Expert Community Photo courtesy of Flickr user Susanne Nilsson

Growing your expert community both online and offline is extremely important to build a highly paid expert business. First you must develop a strategy that builds a following. Your following includes Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers and email subscribers.... Read More

Build a Targeted Online Community

Build an online community Photo courtesy of Flickr user Don Hankins

To build a targeted following and become known online you must create valuable expert content and encourage sharing of your information. The content you create must offer real value to your target market. This sounds pretty simple but very often... Read More

Capitalize on Viral Marketing

9186408921_d64bc4042e_m Photo courtesy of Flickr user One Way Stock

Viral video marketing will help you gain authority domination online. This happens when your video gets shared over and over again. A good example of this is the social experiment created with Mentos and Diet Coke. This is one... Read More

Grab Instant Attention with Video Marketing

9935521594_658c69669f_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Esther Vargas

Video marketing offers a high level of entertainment that can replace or supplement otherwise dry informational text. A good video can grab a viewer’s attention in a way that no other media can offer. A short and to-the-point video of approximately two minutes... Read More

Create Online Domination with Video Marketing

Marketing, especially online marketing, continues to change. As an expert, you want to know where it’s all heading and how you can stay on top of it. When it comes to getting the edge over your competition to becoming the online authority, video is where it’s at.

Turn Followers into Warm Leads

6333839659_585c62b376_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ron Mader

Building a large social media following is important, but if you are not getting those followers to join your own database, they are not YOUR followers. Social media is always changing and that makes your social media following volatile. You could lose your... Read More

5 Reasons Why Viewers Don’t Trust Your Website

seven-steps-website-332Every business owner knows the importance of having a website to promote their business. But are you gaining more viewers or turning them off with the image and brand you create online?

It is your website that viewers check out when wanting to learn more about what you have to offer.... Read More

Instant Advertising Success Strategies

Money FlowingWhy do so many businesses lose too much money on their advertising and simply give up? Because their marketing efforts are too business-focused and not customer-focused. Keep a strong focus on your core customer base and know everything about how they think and act.

If your advertising is not working, don’t... Read More

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