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Self-discovery for Business

You cannot fully be of service to other people until you are of service to yourself, and the only way to be of service to yourself is to be true to yourself and never settle for less than you deserve. Never stop learning and expanding personally. Invest time in learning more about your business and more about YOU. When you work on yourself inwardly, emotionally and psychologically, along with continually learning new business skills, that’s when you really become a true master. That’s when you become the best that you can be. Be thankful for the gifts and talents you possess. Reflect and refocus your energies to make a difference. I discovered that I am a leader and an inspirational →

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Create Your Personal Mission Statement

Personal development is the single most important thing you can do to improve your business. A personal mission statement also is extremely helpful in establishing and maintaining this focus in your personal life. Many entrepreneurs have taken the time to create organizational mission statements. But few have gone through this process on a personal level. If you have not created a personal mission statement, now is the time to do so. Set aside some undisturbed time to think through and write your statement. Take some extended time away from the distractions of home and office to reflect on where you are and how you desire to invest your life in the context of work, family, friends and your community. It →

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Five Ways to Continue Your Personal Development

Listen to motivational programs. Turn your commute time into life-long learning time. This is an incredible opportunity to help you stay focused, motivated and advance your growth. Attend seminars often. Attendance at educational seminars focused toward your goals virtually guarantees your personal and professional development. Experts in your field will help you to stay on track, keep you inspired and offer you new insights, strategies and ideas. Stay after the event to meet the speakers in person and ask questions that can help move you toward your goals. Network like crazy. Meet people everywhere you go and try to introduce yourself to at least three new people at every function you attend. Think of ways you can joint venture with →

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Takes on Many Forms

The Disciplined Mind: Mental discipline is the ability to keep your thoughts focused on goal-directed activity to the exclusion of all else. With high levels of mental discipline you reach your goals faster. The Systemized Mind: A systemized mind looks at procedures and discovers what needs to be done to make the business work more effectively. With systems in place you have the ability to see the big picture. The Creative Mind: The creative mind thinks out-of-the-box. With creativity you can discover many unique ways to stand out from the crowd. The Resilient Mind: A resilient mind is open and flexible. With an open mind you let go of uncertainties and become open to innovative ideas. The Ethical Mind: An →

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The Empowered Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who makes any attempt at a new business venture. Entrepreneurship is a major contributing factor to the economic well-being of a country both in terms of economic growth and job creation. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, one in 10 adults in the United States today is an entrepreneur. This massive growth is by no means restricted to North America. The leading country for entrepreneurship is Brazil with one in eight adults an entrepreneur. Australia is not far behind the U.S. with one in 12. Many other countries are rapidly gaining ground. Wanting to be an entrepreneur is one thing, being one is quite another. Entrepreneurs take on responsibilities and commitments much differently than those of an →

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Success takes time

Just as it takes time for you to adjust and learn new skills — success takes time. Be aware that mistakes will continue to happen in your business even after you have reached your peak potential. You will always need to be learning something new in business to stay innovative and on top of your game. So when you think you have it all figured out and have made all the mistakes you need to make to learn, something will challenge you again and test your confidence. Making mistakes – turning them into challenges and then overcoming those obstacles in business – is extremely REWARDING. There is nothing that can challenge, motivate and build your confidence faster. Mistakes and challenges →

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Can mistakes be good for your business?

Hopefully you make a mistake now and again, because failure can actually be good for you and your business. If you haven’t made any mistakes for a while, you may be playing it too close to your comfort zone and not stretching yourself far or fast enough to achieve high level goals. To aim high, you must accept some of the risks that go along with learning something new. Risks come with the acceptance that you will make some mistakes along your journey; but you will want to avoid making costly mistakes or making the same mistake over and over again. Use good, common business sense. Every business and every career has its share of challenges. You will constantly be →

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Boost your success confidence

Before you can be highly successful at any business you must first sell your ideas, your strategies, your business practice, your goals, your skills, your experience, your products and services. You must be absolutely SOLD on you. Your confidence will never fail you. What can fail you are those things in which you place your confidence. In selling yourself successfully, absolute confidence in “yourself” is a must! Confidence, in turn, breeds courage. This being true, you must make sure that your self-confidence goes to work for you, because in selling ourselves, we place confidence in ourselves. Why do you think confidence is so important in building success? If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can’t expect prospective customers to →

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Tap into your powerful belief system

CONDITIONING ABOUT SELF, MONEY, COMPARISONS: How do you describe personal wealth? People measure and define wealth in many different ways. If you only measure wealth in dollars, you may always be looking for that larger pot of gold at the end of a new rainbow. Working harder, working faster and doing more are NOT necessarily the keys to achieving personal satisfaction and success. Think about what wealth and success really mean to you. How would you live your life differently than you are right now? Would your success be defined with a balanced life of professional achievements, personal happiness and good health? If so, what path would you follow today to accomplish this balanced wealth plan? Below are three steps →

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Shifting requires ignoring conventional approaches, paving your own path

If you want to stand out in this world, you must get really serious about doing something different and moving away from the “sea of sameness.” Focus on being different. Ordinarily, we achieve conventional wisdom following conventional ideas. We experience reasonable gains when we rely on reasonable approaches. You may find ways to make modest improvements and, in turn, make a modest income. But, if you go looking for nothing more than that, you will only have modest gains. Experts stand out and get noticed for the differences they make, not by following the status quo. They create quantum leaps by abandoning what’s been done and said before. Instead of once again doing what you have always done, shift to →

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