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Dear Entrepreneur;

If you'd like to gain insight into building more success in your business and discover the BIGGEST SECRETS to growing your business fast in today's economy ... this might be the most important message you'll ever read!


Would you like to gain the competitive advantage that you desire and move your business light years ahead of your competitors?  Great, because I’m going to make it easy for you to attend a full day of powerful marketing training LIVE at a city near you for a very small investment.     


Seeing my clients gain fast results from my mentoring is pure joy for me! 


My students are committed to making a change in their business.  They are serious about staying focused and growing their business fast.  They don’t want to wait around for months or even years trying to figure it out on their own.  My students understand that learning and implementing a little at a time can be very costly.  Many of my students begin working with me because they need to gain clarity and focus to achieve the goals they have been unable to reach on their own. 


With my Millionaire Entrepreneur Business Building presentation I will help you get started implementing proven marketing strategies on site.  This allows you to instantly gain entrepreneurial business skills that will move you to a much higher level of success quickly.     



Here are just some of the results you can expect from our live events ...


  • Become more focused and stop being overwhelmed  
  • Maximize your results and achieve more success faster
  • Create a systemized marketing plan
  • Learn how to expand your business by thinking bigger
  • Achieve and exceed your goals
  • Accelerate your business growth  
  • Increase your sales and marketing skills dramatically
  • Improve the effectiveness of your website and marketing instantly
  • Discover solutions to your business challenges and obstacles
  • Shorten your learning curve
  • Save thousands of dollars in business mistakes
  • Have the support system that helps you succeed at a higher level 


Sounds like a lot – right?  It is.  Let me give you three GREAT reasons why I can back up my success record.

Three Reasons to Believe Why Attending Our 
Training Events Could Change Your Life


Reason #1: Debbie Allen, Millionaire Entrepreneur Business Builder

With 30+ years of entrepreneurial success behind me, I know what it takes to succeed in any economy or any marketplace.  I’ll share with you all of my secrets and strategies that helped me develop, build and sell multiple businesses in diverse industries. 


Reason #2: Tracy Repchuk, The Top Female Internet Marketer in the World

You will learn the proven, strategically and systematically, online marketing strategies to create sales pages, membership sites and massive online traffic to your website.    


Reason #3: Step-by-Step Focused Marketing Training for Both Online and Offline by Two of the World's Top Marketing Experts
You will learn how to stop wasting money on ineffective marketing and how to gain maximum exposure for your website and social media. You will begin to instantly gain more prospects, sales and income by implementing the proven and cutting-edge marketing strategies learned. You'll receive REAL take away value that you can put to work right away.


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What You Will Learn From Attending a Power Business Mentors Event:


  • Problem Solving and Brainstorming
    We will discuss your concerns and develop solutions to turn your business into a money-making machine.  Be prepared to think bigger and differently than you are now.  Together we are going to create real, lasting results.  You will walk away from this event with innovative business skills that will serve you for life.

  •  Cutting-Edge Online Success Strategies
    You will learn directly from one of the world’s top Internet marketing experts to help you make your website sizzle and sell.  Your webmaster alone can’t get your online marketing to work in the same way I can.  And without marketing in place your website will not sell effectively.   Learn how to get your website up to speed and sell almost instantly with benefit-rich text added to your existing site.

  • Business Expansion and/or Exit Strategy

    Many entrepreneurs spend too many hours working the business day after day.  When it comes to expansion some get stuck and stay in the same place for years.  Others grow and expand only to have no exit strategy or systems in place to help sell the business down the road.  We'll teach you how to set up systems that in turn set you up for success.  Learn from experts who have sold numerous multi-million dollar companies in diverse industries.

  • Your Call to Action  

    Most business owners and entrepreneurs have never worked directly with mentors who have achieved massive levels of success themselves.  Many of them try to learn a few sales and marketing skills along the way as they grow their business ... but it takes too long and costs to much to try and do it on your own.


But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what my other satisfied clients had to say …

“Debbie Allen and Tracy Repchuk open their hearts and share all of their secrets to success for you to absorb and use in your business right away.  I’m amazed at how many great strategies I received from attending this powerful full day event.  It taught me how to think much bigger with my business.  I now have a much stronger focus and a systemized marketing plan that will easily double my income in a matter of months.”
Barbara Kaplan, Interior Designer & Consultant

"Wow, after spending the entire day with the wonderful, passionate atmosphere that the Power Business Mentors created I was full of ideas, motivated and committed to SOAR!These two are all powerful idea machines and firecrackers of positive inspiration.  I am so glad I treated myself to this life changing day.  I now feel unstoppable!” 
~ Karin Johnson, Owner of Peak Concierge Services


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To Your Reinvention!


Debbie Allen

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