best-selling-amazon-book-expertThe Highly Paid Expert Bestselling book by Debbie Allen

Learn How to Turn Your Passion, Skills, and Talents Into a Lucrative Career by Becoming The Go-To Authority In Your Industry. This information-packed book provides a proven step-by-step model to follow that will take your business, your income, and your expertise to new heights.

(Career Press: Paperback 288 pages)
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jvitale“This book will blow you away! It is jam packed with wisdom, proven strategies and a powerful step-by-step plan of action on exactly how to quickly grow your expert business.”

– Dr. Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author, Featured in the movie The Secret


“Debbie Allen is brilliant! She is sharing with you proven strategies that can catapult your life to another level … a higher level of success. If you are looking for the solid guidance to experience success with ease, devour every word of this great piece of work.”

– Peggy McColl, The Best Seller Maker & New York Times Best-Selling Author

aaron-raymond“The Highly Paid Expert offers step-by-step training from a REAL PRO … Debbie Allen is truly ‘The Expert of Experts’.”

– Raymond Aaron, NY Times Bestselling Author & International Speaker

Copia-de-Marie-Diamond_Bratislava“If you’ve ever dreamed of building an expert career and want to share your passion, skills and expertise with others, you’ll love this book! A must read book book to be a highly paid expert in any field.”

– Marie Diamond, Internationally recognized transformation leader, author of The Very Simple Law of Attraction and star of the movie The Secret



A Personal Note from Debbie Allen


Hi, I’m Debbie Allen, bestselling author of 7 books and dozens of expert business building products.

I just want to take a moment to assure you that whatever your experience of building your business has been in the past, you can now begin to gain more traction and build your business faster than ever before once you claim your expert status.

You really can begin generating more income from high-value clients who respect your expertise and pay you top dollar for your advice and services. As you expand your expertise you will be doing what you love and making a difference in the lives of others. I feel so blessed that I get the opportunity to live a financially-free expert lifestyle everyday—and you will too! My mission is to expand opportunities for more and more experts in ALL industries to create a business they love, making the kind of money they deserve, with the most ideal clients they can imagine.

I invite you to read my bestselling book The Highly Paid Expert and to gain a much deeper insight and guidance with my new Expert Positioning Formula Product. These powerful, information-packed, how-to expert business building tools will guide you through the process of building a lucrative career as an authority and teach you how to dominate your niche market with ease.

You know, I must confess something personal here. When I started creating my book and product formula, I realized that I was tapping into secrets that had never been revealed before about the expert industry. I’ve literally pulled back the curtain and shared with you some of the most powerful persuasion skills anyone can possess to create income-generating results. In fact, these skills hold so much power that my wish is that you use your expert status as a super hero for good … wisely, ethically, honestly and supportively.

I personally guarantee that the strategies and techniques shared will work for any industry and any expert. When you follow and implement my expert positioning strategies it’s like stepping up to a bigger game in business and in life.

To your expert success!



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