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5 Ways to ASK Effectively to Get to YES!

1. Get very clear on what you want. Start by asking yourself, “Exactly what is it that I need to receive from this person so that it will assist me in achieving my short term goals?” For example, I want to ask this person to co-host an event, become an affiliate partner, to promote my book or to buy my services, etc. 2. Understand what you’re really worth, and why. Break down the long-term value that you bring to clients and think about the results you generate for your most valued clients. What is your experience, your knowledge and your guidance really worth? Your expertise could make a profound impact on someone’s life—that’s priceless! 3. Identify what you are actually →

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Get Your ‘Ask’ in Gear

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing money for a good reason. If you don’t know how to ask for or how to make and manage large sums of money you’re not going to make it to the highly paid expert level at the top of the pyramid (read about this in another blog post). Your income can grow only to the extent that you do. Not knowing how to ASK stops the flow of opportunities and money. There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable asking for money. If asking for money doesn’t come easy, you must learn how to ramp up your courage to ASK for—and get—what you’re worth.

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Take Action in Spite of Discomfort

The majority of us are creatures of habit, especially when habits have been programmed into our brains for years. In fact, some of us are so conditioned against asking that we are completely closed-minded to it. About 95 percent of what we think and do is habitual. It takes time to form new beliefs and to act upon new habits. Programming and conditioning in our past does not necessarily serve us well today or in the future. Every belief that we have will either move us forward or keep us stuck in the same place. Beliefs and thoughts can empower us or dis-empower us. Thoughts and beliefs are not real unless we give them power. Once we know better—we do →

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5 Ways to Grow Multiple Streams of Income

Manifest and multiply only your most ideal clients. Your marketing must be on target and directed only toward your most ideal prospects. Ensure that each client you take on is a good fit for your programs. If they are not the right fit, it will only cause you more work and headaches in the long run. If you believe that a prospect is not the right fit, be honest with them upfront. You can say NO and still remain professional and fair. If you are doing personal coaching or consulting, you only want clients that can afford your fees and those who appreciate the high-quality expertise and service you have to offer. And, if you are hiring other coaches, they →

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What It Takes to Become a Millionaire

You often hear about experts who teach people to become millionaires practically overnight. That’s a hard promise to deliver! Unless that expert plans to live with you, invest with you and give you their absolutely no-fail, step-by-step system, it’s not likely to happen. If it was that easy to become a millionaire there would be a lot more wealthy people on the planet. Becoming a millionaire from your own expertise takes time and a high level of commitment to achieve. There are a lot of factors that come into play in becoming a millionaire. Millionaires have traits and skills that most other people don’t possess; they think and act differently. They have the right mindset, a high level of focus →

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Set Realistic Goals as You Grow Your Business

Few people take the time to look at the REAL numbers when it comes to setting income goals; therefore they set lofty goals that set them up for failure. If you are just starting out as an expert, a realistic goal for you to shoot for may be $100,000 per year. This can become a reality if you already have a quality brand, effective marketing plan and some high-level clients in place. To make $100,000 a year, you will need to generate an average of $8,300 per month. And of course this means your gross income, excluding taxes, business expenses, and so on. You may need to reconsider your ultimate income goal target. Whatever that number is, you need to →

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No one likes a pushy salesperson

Okay, so you may still be thinking: I don’t like to sell, so maybe I’ll skip this part and just work on building a paid professional speaking business where people pay me to speak and I won’t have to sell. Well, I respect your position on this; I was there myself, for a long time. But to become a highly paid expert this is one skill you must be open to, otherwise your income will be limited. The fear or discomfort some people have around selling is actually very expensive; this fear or discomfort can actually rob you of massive leverage that creates massive sales. So, before you dismiss the opportunity or think that selling to an audience is not →

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Experts need to become good salespeople

Just as professional paid speaking is an art, so is learning how to speak to sell. Most paid professional speakers are not good at selling because they feel uncomfortable with it. If you aren’t comfortable selling, or don’t think you are very good at it, get over it and learn how! Okay, I will admit that selling from stage made me uncomfortable at first too. But it’s just like anything else that you attempt for the first time. You may need to feel uncomfortable at first and fall down a few times before you can run. As an expert you must know how to ask for the sale. It doesn’t matter if you plan to speak on a stage to →

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Sky’s the limit when selling your expertise

Highly paid experts are world-class sales people They do what most people are too scared to do. Yet the good news is that selling your expertise is actually easier than you may think. Imagine selling over $100,000 in just 90 minutes from stage, or making over half a million dollars in one weekend hosting your own event. This is exactly what I did when I shifted my speaking business from paid professional speaking to selling from stage. Once this happened I was hooked on a new way of using my speaking skills as an expert. Selling from stage is actually easy when you’ve been shown, step-by-step, exactly how to do it. All the secrets and little-known tricks of the trade →

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7 Secrets to Increasing Online Sales

Secret #1: Get joint venture affiliates to promote your classes for you. This will increase the numbers on your call and will set you up for success from a referral source. Secret #2: Create a marketing formula with compelling copy that gets prospects to register and show up for the live call. Secret #3: Create hunger and desire in your listeners, even before the call, so they understand how much they need what you’re offering and will be ready to take action. Secret #4: Know exactly what motivates your target market as you present your offer. Secret #5: Develop a smooth transition from your presentation to your closing offer. If you turn a switch and flip to sales mode right →

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