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04: Get Out of The Lame Excuses Zone

If you want to be successful, you have to get out of your own way with some of the excuses that are coming out of your mouth. We don’t even realize what we say sometimes.

Join Debbie Allen to hear how negative self-talk kills opportunities for success and learn all about the “Lame Excuse Zone”.

Show Highlights:

  • You must remain on high alert against negative self-talk.
  • Otherwise, it will throw you into the “Lame Excuse Zone”.
  • Debbie gives examples of excuses you might tell yourself in order to avoid taking action, and these excuses often aren’t even logical. Do you recognize any of these excuses?
  • If you have limiting beliefs, it’s easier to fall into this trap.
  • Limiting words are so damaging, it can make one feel hopeless.
  • Lame excuses are a habit, and you have to have awareness of them to break the habit.
  • Debbie explains the difference between excuses and limiting words.
  • When you get stuck in your story, stop it! Nobody wants to hear it. Stop with the victim mentality.
  • We all have down, funky days, but you have to be aware to limit the negative.
  • When you start talking positive words, it’s powerful and can bring positive opportunities and this will bring success.
  • Life gets in the way and things are going to happen but you cannot use this as an excuse.
  • We attract everything that comes to us in life. This includes happy, sad, good, bad, success, failure.
  • If you want to change your life and start attracting something different; it’s a choice!
  • Successful people consider themselves in every situation, an opportunity. If a successful person finds themselves in a negative situation, they will try to find an opportunity in which they can use it for the positive.
  • Remember: do whatever it takes!
  • Believe that you’re worthy!
  • Choose to be around positive-thinking people.
  • Debbie warns about the dangers of self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • When we choose to be positive, we attract more positive people and more positive opportunities.


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