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06: Success is Easier Than Failure

We all go through challenging times and go through big changes throughout our lives, that is just a part of life.

Yet we are surrounded by knowledge, education, and training everywhere we look. Learning something new has never been easier with access to information on the internet, on YouTube, or the library, so why settle for failure? 

Join Debbie Allen as she helps you to discover what most people won’t tell you, and that success is easier than failure.

Show Highlights:

  • The number one reason why people accept failure over success is that success scares some people so they’d rather remain in failure mode.
  • Fear is just a false belief, and if we don’t overcome it, it can start to control you and your outcomes.
  • Five False Beliefs Around Success :
  • Success is all about power, wealth, and fame.
  • Success is hard work and takes forever to achieve.
  • Successful people are selfish and self-centered.
  • You need a formal education to succeed.
  • You don’t know about finances because your parents didn’t teach you.
  • Questions to consider regarding what might be holding you back:
  • Has fear held you back from the success you deserved in any way?
  • Have you ever crushed your dreams of success?
  • Have you ever walked away from success opportunities out of fear that you now know that you actually deserved to have?
  • Controlling your thoughts and limiting beliefs around success can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.
  • Take responsibility for your values and your financial future.
  • You’re not born an entrepreneur; you have to keep investing in yourself.
  • Debbie covers the different ways you learn over the course of entrepreneurship.
  • Think of failure as a lesson to learn on your way to success!


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