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07: Take Ownership for Your Failures

As we enter 2020 with our goals and our plans to try some exciting new things, we’re going to have obstacles and sometimes even failures, because things don’t always go as planned.

Once we learn to take ownership of our failures, we can then move forward.

Join Debbie Allen as she shares insight into why learning critical life skills are pivotal in moving past these obstacles on our way to success.

Show Highlights:

  • Every new business is dysfunctional, and dysfunction and failure go hand-in-hand because we are learning new things.
  • Creating systems in a business will not only maintain the business and its growth, but it will also increase its worth whenever you’re ready to sell it.  
  • If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you will keep repeating your bad business habits in other business ventures.
  • When successful people fail, they focus on what’s possible and they continue on, despite the mistakes that try to get in their way.
  • Successful business people play the business game to win, even when they fail.
  • Unsuccessful business people play the game not to lose.
  • Your goal for 2020 is to play all-out: to do whatever it takes to succeed.
  • You shouldn’t dwell on failure, but you should honor it. 
  • Admit and accept the failure, otherwise, the lessons you need to learn from it will be delayed.
  • Invest in winning from the very start!
  • You can learn to do things better, faster, easier from the beginning by following and implementing the lessons someone ahead of you already did.
  • When you want to learn how to do something well you should take advice and guidance from those who have already walked that path.
  • Invest also in relationships.
  • There’s no plan of return on investment; you have to make that return on investment yourself by asking for and implementing opportunities.
  • Have a step-by-step plan and an accountability partner so that when that bump in the road happens, you have somebody to bounce your ideas off of. They will help you move past it much more quickly.
  • Critical life skills were never taught in school, and it’s these skills that will help make you a successful entrepreneur.
  • We need to be coachable to somebody else.
  • Focus on the course correction.
  • Every successful person has experienced failure.
  • Become a life-long student of failure. Some of the biggest lessons are the ones that turn us around. Reinvent and do something else. Success becomes easier and easier.


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