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09: How to Handle Worry and Doubt

Debbie Allen discusses how to overcome worry and doubt when it’s creeping into your thoughts. 

As entrepreneurs, we all encounter situations that make us doubtful, but Debbie shares how to make the mental steps to redirect our fear and adopt an attitude of success. 

Debbie discusses the different ways you can move into action to create momentum in your business and push worry aside.  

Show Highlights: 

  • Gaining awareness of the reality of the situation will shift your attention and help you walk out of your worry and into the future. 
  • Paying attention to what triggers you and recognizing the root of your worry 
  • Most worries are set in the future despite how real they feel 
  • Taking-action can propel you and stop you from holding yourself back 
  • Letting go of emotional attachment and shifting your state of mind in business cycles 
  • Being grateful will cloud out worry and doubtful thoughts 
  • Keeping your faith and mind strong is critical to business 
  • Mapping out mental steps to curve worry


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