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12: Mindset and Emotional Mastery with Kerry Tepedino

“There’s one common denominator for all the different aspects of your life and that’s you.” Today’s guest, Kerry Tepedino, personal development coach, shares how you can take control of your own life and attract the success you want. Kerry talks about how her personal struggles led her to the personal development industry and gives powerful tips on how you can build confidence and master your emotions. 

Join Debbie Allen in this inspiring conversation to learn more about Kerry’s story and attracting success into your own life. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Kerry shares how her struggles became her greatest gift and led her to become a personal development coach 
  • Why people start self-sabotaging themselves and have fear about reaching their goals 
  • What Kerry does to push women to achieve emotional mastery
  • The importance of creating safety within community and programs for women 
  • Why carrying yourself as confident and successful is key to attracting more success 


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