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13: Mastery Under Pressure with Tina Greenbaum

It can be difficult to tackle tasks under pressure, but we can learn to master our emotions and optimize our performance in order to become our most productive selves. Today’s conversation with Optimal Performance Specialist and Sports Psychology Consultant, Tina Greenbaum, reveals how we can level-up in our day-to-day lives by living out our success. 

Tina shares tips on how to master universal principles and use them to boost your success. Join Debbie Allen in this interview to learn more about mastery under pressure and how you can create a life surrounded with support and success. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What inspired Tina to get into psychotherapy and help others 
  • Uncovering root problems and how to really get results 
  • Finding success within yourself 
  • Biggest mistakes business owners make to self-sabotage
  • The importance of finding ways to admire people and still maintaining confidence 
  • Why sharing your success with others will bring you more success 
  • Following the flow of universal principles will make life flow easily 
  • Investing in yourself to continue growth 


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