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14: Speaking to Make Success Easy with Grant Baldwin

Public speaking may seem intimidating and unattainable for many people, but with tenacity, practice, and preparation, anyone can find success in speaking. 

Today’s guest, Grant Baldwin, the author of Successful Speaker and founder of, reveals many industry secrets and how anyone can find success with persistence. While the industry is shifting virtually and through other mediums, many of the basic fundamentals are staying the same. 

Debbie Allen and Grant discuss many of the shifts the industry is currently facing, as well as how you can use them to your advantage. Join them in this conversation to help you pinpoint your niche and utilize the many mediums available to you to lean into new opportunities. 

Show Highlights: 

  • You can take the skill of speaking into any industry to make success easier.
  • We often confuse fear and excitement and there are ways to get past that confusion and embrace public speaking. 
  • Presenting an effortless speech takes an immense amount of practice and preparation.
  • Speakers have been able to utilize online platforms to build success. 
  • Not selecting a problem to solve is the most common mistake speakers make. 
  • Success is always looking for somewhere to go and we can obtain it. 
  • The speaker supply is going to shift post-COVID-19 but if you stick to your passion you’ll find success.
  • Travel is a major part of speaking that is shifting with the virtual world. 


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