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3 Ways to Create Rapid-Fire Success Online

Begin with a great website design and consistent branded image to position yourself for success. Next, add the three main marketing strategies below to create rapid-fire success online.

Strategy #1: Building a great website that focuses on your most ideal target market

Your website is your DOMAIN … and one of the best investments in time and money that you can make for your business.

Get a professional web designer to create the main page and the basic look of the site. It has been my experience that many designers know how to design a gorgeous-looking site, but you need to add the content that will help you market and sell. That’s why you need to understand how to market your business to your target market. It’s up to you to learn the website elements, strategies and psychology that get people to pull out their credit cards and buy from you.

Online marketing strategies are always changing, but if you simply learn how to communicate effectively to your clients with your web copy … your online marketing will begin to improve dramatically.

Strategy #2: Build a targeted email list

Your email list is where the money is. When you build an email list of targeted people that have asked for information from you, you can cut the costs associated with traditional marketing methods and move ahead of your competitors who don’t have a strong email list.

Your marketing risk goes down to zero and your return on investment skyrockets.
When emailing your customers maintain a nice balance of information, marketing and frequency. Send too many promotional pieces, or send things too often, and your followers may unsubscribe.

On the other hand, sending lots of great information with no marketing content wastes your time because you haven’t given them a chance to buy.

Strategy #3: Increase your product and/or services for existing customers

A great website can pull in new people, but what are you marketing and selling? You may already have a line of products or services that you offer … but what else can you offer to your existing customers?

Develop more opportunity with increased product development. Once you’ve earned your followers trust by exposing them to your knowledge, services and/or products, your customers will become much more comfortable spending money with you. When they take the plunge with you and have a good experience, they are very likely to stick with you and invest more often.

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