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4 Steps to Creating a Successful Consulting Business

Consultants have more of a guiding role in which they advise their clients to do the work that will achieve the desired results. If you believe that you are not the “hand-holding” type and more of the “advisor-type,” then consulting may be a better fit for you rather than coaching. How you approach a client is important when it comes to how you will work with them, either as a coach or a consultant. For example, I have a very systemized step-by-step program that guides my clients through a business and brand strategy tailored specifically to them. I advise with a very direct, no “B.S.” type of approach when I work with my clients. Clients must be coachable and open to my advice as we work quickly and effectively.

Your ideal clients should not only be ready for change, but they must also be ready to take action in order for you both to achieve success in the process. Understanding whom your ideal client is and how you want to work with them is the key to enjoying a thriving expert business. This is why you must communicate with your clients up front in a way that best serves you both as a team. Your clients must resonate with who you are and how you conduct your business. They are going to respect how you do business and who you are before they decide whether or not to come on board working with you.

To be successful as a coach or a consultant, you must gain the right type of clients who will take ACTION. If your clients are not taking consistent action to change, you won’t be able to them successful results. You only want to take on the clients that you can offer 100% guaranteed results to. This sets you both up for success in advance! When you have a prospect that could be a potential client, make sure to ask them if they are ready to take action and change something in their life or business. Remember that your clients must be coachable. If not, they could become a nightmare to work with.

Coaching, consulting, or mentoring is done at more of a personal level. You get to know your clients well and build trusted relationships. Personally, I get to know my clients so well that they become part of what I call my Business Family. This more personalized approach works well for me, since I love building and growing companies. I enjoy getting personally involved with my clients’ change and growth. Yet, I still have a team of experts who work with me to do the technical, graphics, and website development for my clients.

My consulting time is spent on personal guidance, direction, motivation, and ongoing business support – the rest is delegated to my team. Know what you do best and delegate the rest. Work together as a team. Be very clear about how you want to share your personal time with clients, and remember that your personal time is your biggest asset as it is the most valuable part of your services.

Four steps to building your consulting business

Step #1 Solve problems: Become a problem solver for your clients.
Step #2 Offer a promise: Create programs that can best serve your clients’ needs.
Step #3 Show proof: Use testimonials and case studies that state your clients’ results.
Step #4 Create a proposal: Set up your program and service offerings in detail.

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