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5 Reasons to Journal Your Goals

Writing out your goals, sharing them with others and actually visualizing your success will bring you powerful results! It doesn’t really matter how you record your goals – it only matters that you take the time to really focus on them. But the more your wants and needs are spelled out on paper and in your mind, the more accurate they will be to achieve.

Even by writing out your goals you are more likely to achieve them. It’s true…even if you wrote the goals and then threw away your journal you are still more likely to achieve your goals than avoiding this exercise all together. The goals you write are still there in your subconscious mind. Give your mind a boost and add more detail and visualization to the goals you plan to accomplish.

For example: One of your personal goals might be to own a new sports car some day. Okay, now detail the type of car, color, options and the date you plan on getting the new car.

Reason #1 Helps To Relieve Stress
The exercise of journaling is not only good for your mental state, but your physical state as well. Yes, it will help with confusion, anger and stress. When you journal your goals you know where you are headed and what you truly want out of life. You then begin to create a blueprint toward a higher level of success.

Reason #2 Helps To Analyze Solutions
When you write out your needs and wants honestly and completely, you will find that you lose yourself in your writing. You may find additional meaning to the things you say or do. You may also find the solutions to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

When overwhelming life events are reduced to words on paper, words that can be analyzed and seen from a different perspective. And you will gain a new perspective of the situation and find new solutions for seemingly difficult problems.

Reason #3 Discover Hidden Talents and Aspirations
Let your feelings flow without critiquing the way you write them.  Simply pour out your heart and your feelings. You will be amazed at how your writing and focus will improve. The hardest part is getting started. But once you have a dozen or so goals written down, keep going until you reach 101. If you open your mind and focus on where you want to go without setting limits the words should flow quickly and easily.

Reason #4 Increase Your Creativity
Everyone has the ability to become more creative. Journaling flues the creative spirit and soon your ability to communicate on paper will also help you to dramatically improve your personal interaction with other people as well.

Reason #5 Unlocks Your Subconscious
Your journal can be a therapist. A journal does not complain, cry or judge you in any way. Your Goals Journal will accept your thoughts and ideas freely and easily without question. By transcribing emotions onto pages, you can gain a better perspective of your emotional life.

Not only is a journal a therapist and motivator to help you reach your goals, it also will reveal your dreams, future accomplishments, hopes for the future and remind you of your aspirations.

Journals are tools to help you discover the wisdom you already possess.  Sometimes this wisdom will surprise you. Other times it will challenge you. Always, it will come directly from you, empowering you to trust yourself and to take action by giving you the deep-seated knowledge that you know more than you think you do.

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