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5 Ways to Control Fear

Fear is the biggest obstacle to pursuing your dreams. It can stop you in your tracks. Excuses can also stop your progress. Many people insist it is a lack of money or time or resources, but it is often a fear of failure, rejection, or even a fear of success that holds most people back from playing a bigger game in business and in life. You must be willing to step up to turn that passion of yours into a lucrative expert career.

Too many people fail to follow through with their dreams and aspirations in life mostly because fear holds them back from taking the next step. Just imagine how much they are missing out on by allowing an emotion to control their life.

Why would we allow fear to control us? Mostly because we look at it with short sightedness; we don’t want to be embarrassed, look foolish, be wrong or make a mistake. What we fear most is fear of the unknown. Yet everything new and exciting is unknown to us at first and we are destined to fail to some degree; that is only natural.

Debbie Allen - The Expert of ExpertsFear can be your friend and offer you excitement and empowerment as well. Therefore, if you can think of fear as a rush of adrenaline, it can actually catapult you forward and help you excel toward lofty goals.

Even successful, confident people are afraid of making changes and trying new things;. The difference between successful people and those who are not is that they ACT in spite of that fear. They feel the fear and move past it.  This allows them to feel more confident in return.

Is fear holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals as a highly paid expert?

Five ways to easily control fear

  1. Acknowledge your feelings and emotions.
    Feelings and emotions can be changed by the words you speak to yourself. Speak kind words of encouragement. Tell yourself that moving past your fear will reward you with more confidence, knowledge and personal growth. You are worth it!
  2. Don’t waste energy focusing on failure.
    Failure is simply a lesson in disguise. With everything new we do there is some level of failure that is necessary to learn and grow both personally and professionally.
  3. Share your fears and ask for support.
    When you share your fears with someone make sure that person is someone who will help you stretch and move outside of your comfort zone. If you share your fears with someone who is also fearful it can not only continue to hold you back, but keep you stuck. Find a support system or a positive mentor whose confidence and success you admire.
  4. Uncover inspiration from books, music and events.
    We all have days when our energy and thoughts are low. Often by taking time to yourself, reading uplifting words, listening to inspiring music or attending events you can shift your mood and move to a more positive state of mind.
  5. Feel the fear and ACT anyway.
    The feeling of fear can actually be worse than actually acting upon it. Most of our comfort zones are not all that comfortable anyway. It certainly doesn’t feel comfortable when we are stuck. Move outside of it, take a risk, enjoy life to the fullest and live a life of passion and new experiences. You must stretch yourself from time to time to keep moving forward.
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