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6 Positive Beliefs That Can Catapult Your Success

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magical crystal ball and you could instantly look into the future to see everything that the year has in store for you? Since that’s not possible, work on shifting your beliefs.

6 positive beliefs that can catapult your success

  1. Deserving – If you don’t feel worthy of good things in life, you won’t put yourself out there to try new things or you may just wait to see what shows up. But when you believe that you are deserving, doors of opportunity will open up everywhere.
  2. Ready – There is a state of readiness that says, “It’s my time. I believe I’m ready to take action, try new things and improve.” You are ready for the next action, for new transition and for real growth in your life.
  3. Capable – You believe you have the competency—the knowledge, skill, talent or ability to try something new or achieve your goals. You say, “I believe in my ability to figure things out. I can do this. And if I don’t know how to do something well on my own, I will ask for support!”
  4. Open – You are open to learning, taking on new beliefs, new opportunities and feedback. You are okay not knowing all the answers and you don’t get defensive on the learning journey. You like hearing and trying new ideas to grow — therefore, you do.
  5. Persistent – You don’t easily give up. You struggle through difficulty, challenges, rejection and even uncertainty. Your belief is, “I’ll keep trying until I achieve my goals even when it’s hard.”
  6. Role Model – You see yourself as a role model—for your children, your clients and your business associates. You believe that people are paying attention to your energy and actions. You believe you are a positive role model to support the success of others.

Make this your best year ever by focusing on what you believe in. 

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