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6 Qualities Required to Turn Words into Action

Action takers accomplish more and stimulate even more ideas in the process. That means they can take more positive action steps in the process.

When you become a fast action taker you get in the habit of taking even more action and in return you get more results than the average person.

Even if you fear taking action, the process of doing is itself the best cure for fear. The most difficult time to take action is doing something for the first time. Force yourself if you have to. Even if you don’t know how to do something, once you start moving you’ll begin to stimulate the flow of ideas and inspire yourself to continued action. After you put yourself into motion, you’ll begin to build up your confidence and the fear will go away.

6 Qualities Required to Turn Words into ACTION

1. AFFIRMATION: Establish, verify and share your goals with others.

2. COMMIT: Commit to taking action on your goals quickly and consistently.

3. TENACITY: Persist, create drive and have determination to keep moving.

4. INTUITION: Trust your inner feelings, insight and sense of direction.

5. OPPORTUNITY: Open yourself up to chance, recognize your advantage, so you can grab on and take action when big opportunities come your way.

6. NEVER GIVE UP: Keep going until you reach your goals.

There is no point in beating yourself up over what you didn’t do. Yet it is a good idea to take a look at the reasons why you didn’t take action. See if you can figure out what is holding you back.

  • What gets in your way?
  • What stops you from doing what you say you want to do?
  • Maybe you don’t want whatever it is badly enough.
  • Maybe you have a fear of failure or success.
  • Or, is it the fear of the unknown that gets in the way?

Whatever it is that stops you from taking action also stops you from having the quality of life and business success that you truly deserve.

Here’s a radical thought:
Perhaps the reason you are NOT taking action is that this really isn’t the right time for you to do it. Maybe all you want or need to do right now is talk about it. Maybe right now it is more fun talking about taking action than actually taking it. Often the things we talk about are not actually the things we want to do anything about. If you truly wanted to take action, you wouldn’t be sitting around talking about it; you would be doing something about it!

Action is the only way to make things happen. If there is something that you should do, but don’t want to, stop talking about it and drop it. Be honest with yourself that this isn’t the time or place and focus your energy on what you will and can do to move forward. As long as you are giving energy to something that you are never going to do, you won’t have the energy to do what you want and will do.

Having goals and affirming them to yourself and others who support your goals and dreams is important. Yet action is the principle missing in the process of achieving your goals and dreams.

Taking action turns dreamers into doers!

Today is the day you can get out of your head and onto your feet. Sitting on the couch and dreaming about what you want will not make it happen. Yet, converting your ideas into an experience will.


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