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7 Marketing Strategies For Creating An Effective Website

make-an-impactIt’s a small world on the Internet, but fishing there is like going fishing with a BIG net. You just never know when or where the next marketing “bite” will come from.

The first impression of your website is extremely important to gain a viewers’ interest.

First impressions really do count on the web. Your business is judged by size and success within a matter of seconds. If you don’t connect with your viewers within just “3 clicks” they simply click away. You must relate to your viewer instantly and then begin to build trust with your expertise before you ever try to SELL them on YOU.

Your home page is the most important page on your site. You must hook them right away into wanting to learn more about your company. To do this, you must promote the biggest benefits of doing business with you (not just the features you offer). Make it easy for viewers to understand what makes your company special and unique at first glance.

Below are 7 marketing strategies to help you create a more effective website:

1. Write an Online Marketing Plan
List the objectives and outcomes you want to achieve from your site. Who is your targeted online customer and how will you connect with them? What do you want viewers to do once they find your site?

2. Make Your Website Easy To Use
Make your site easy to navigate. Present your information clearly and consistently. Note that 79% of viewers scan web pages while only
16% read word by word. Keep your site simple and easy to follow. If your viewers can’t find what they are looking for fast they’re gone!

3. Put Your Facts Up Front
Make it easy to view the home page from the first click (no fancy doors or gadgets). Add your branded USP message to your home page on the top banner. Present a brief overview of your business from your home page. Develop copy that is concise and reader focused.

4. Add the Nuts & Bolts
Use keyword-rich text on all pages to increase your search engine rankings. Build strategic alliances to allow others to sell your products (consider affiliate programs). Your website is a work in progress … keep updating and improving all the time.

5. Keep Your Website User Friendly
Speak directly to your audience and avoid “sales speak.” Make your site easy to view by avoiding creative graphics that overpower a page. Develop an information-rich site that details your services and product advantages. Anticipate customer questions and add a frequently asked questions section.

6. Recognize VIP Clients and Share Testimonials
Identify repeat customers and offer a separate promotional program just for them. Recognize them on your site with testimonials. Allow your customers to share their testimonials on your site. Third party testimonials are POWERFUL! Post testimonials throughout your website adding a couple on your homepage, too. Add more testimonials that relate to different sections of your website.

7. Keep Your Site Updated and Continually Improve Upon It
Prepare to refresh pages often. Review your text, keywords, features, graphics and update regularly. Keep coupons, contests and dated text updated instantly. Add more information and keep improving your site all the time.

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