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7 Secrets to Increasing Online Sales

Taking easy steps - Courtesy of Flickr user Paul Stumpr

Taking easy steps – Courtesy of Flickr user Paul Stumpr

Secret #1: Get joint venture affiliates to promote your classes for you. This will increase the numbers on your call and will set you up for success from a referral source.

Secret #2: Create a marketing formula with compelling copy that gets prospects to register and show up for the live call.

Secret #3: Create hunger and desire in your listeners, even before the call, so they understand how much they need what you’re offering and will be ready to take action.

Secret #4: Know exactly what motivates your target market as you present your offer.

Secret #5: Develop a smooth transition from your presentation to your closing offer. If you turn a switch and flip to sales mode right away, you’ll lose your audience and sales.

Secret #6: Put together high-value, high-priced packages to increase your bottom line.

Secret #7: Develop high-ticket up-sell offers. These can be virtual VIP days, one-on-one days, or intimate small group coaching sessions. Up-selling to high-end programs is one the best and most rewarding income streams available.

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