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7 Ways to STOP SABOTAGING Your Income in Challenging Times

In today’s challenging economy you must develop a proven marketing plan and stick with it. Now is the best time to market your business since many of your competitors have cut back on their marketing. Therefore, when you market now, you’ll stand out even more.

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Income

  1. Stop worrying about the economic situation and challenges around you and focus on the positive results you can make in your business each day.
  2. Do more to get more. Today you must work smarter and harder to get ahead.
  3. Get more creative and innovative with your marketing. Dare to be different!
  4. Use more low-cost marketing strategies to promote your business such as social networking, free media and networking.
  5. Spend downtime learning new business skills. Invest in your skills by reading more and attending live events.
  6. Invest in personal development. Utilize this time to become a better you. Learn how to manage stress, fear or challenges more effectively.
  7. Update your marketing and develop a powerful brand. Improve your business card and website for more effective exposure.

If you don’t keep reminding your existing customers to return – they will simply forget about you. Your customers are your most valuable asset. Prove to your clients that you really do value and appreciate them on a regular basis. Show your customers that you are a successful entrepreneur willing to invest in your relationship with them. This in turn will instill trust, credibility and confidence in you and your company as well as your services and/or products.

Marketing is an investment into your business – not an expense. When done well, marketing will pay you back with a return on your investment many times over. This will automatically increase your income.

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