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Allow Your Passion to Ignite Your Determination

Passion must be filled with visions of a dream that are dramatic enough to make a big difference. Your emotional intensity must burn hot enough to protect you against the chilling effects of doubt, uncertainty, criticism and failure. Only deep desire can generate such heat.

For example, when I’m speaking to an audience, my natural enthusiasm for what I teach allows energy to flow into me like a flame. Since I’ve learned to speak my mind and share my one true voice – my natural passion shines through, every time. It’s never forced because it’s authentically me. This fire never lets me down because every word I speak comes from soul and my spirit – a place that resides both inside my heart and my head.

For you to care this intensely there must be something worth caring about – something remarkable, special, unique and big enough to light the fire in your heart.

The only way to do this is to loosen the limits of your thinking and give yourself permission to speak your mind and become your true self. Your inner drive must be strong enough to carry you past the point of worrying about what others think if you truly want to make an impact.

Remember, you are not going for status quo here – you are a difference maker and difference makers need to rock the boat a bit.

The world is looking for you. Others need your advice, guidance, spunk, guts, confidence and courage along with your wisdom. They are looking at you as their thought leader to follow.

Stepping up to a bigger game in business and in life means stepping up to “owning” your passion by becoming the expert at what you know and love as you support others with your wisdom and experiences.

There is no better time to launch yourself as an expert than right now! Everyone is looking for experts online. The Internet has brought the world to our doorstep.

You have an “expert” inside just waiting to get out and step up to a bigger game. There is so much more for you to achieve! What lies within your reach will astound you. When you step up and make that shift, the world will take notice and be there waiting to hear your words.

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