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Are You Googlable?

Are you googlableYouTube can help you become Googlable! The next thing to do is to set up your own YouTube Channel. This is where you will add correctly optimized videos for more online exposure. You’ll need to create quality content and publish it online with keyword-rich titles. Selecting the correct titles for your videos is critical to listing high on search engines for the search areas you wish to be found.

Using video to promote your brand and website is a KEY marketing tool for every expert. The videos you post on YouTube can be listed high on a Google search in just a matter of days. Using the RIGHT keywords on the video title you post online is extremely important to gain you more online domination. Google loves videos so your video can be listed high on a major search engine in a matter of days. The reason Google loves videos and ranks them high very quickly, is because Google owns YouTube. Google purchased one of the other largest search engines (YouTube) for their own online domination back in 2006 for $1.6 billion.

Being “Googlable” is the ability to be found on many Google searches. It’s also indicative of popularity. So, being Googlable is a very good thing!

Be sure to get the domain of your name. For example, I’ve owned the domain since 1995 (almost the dark ages of the internet). Back then I was just starting to build my expert business and I understood the value of having my name out there as I grew my expertise. My name is a common name. In fact, there is a very famous dance choreographer named Debbie Allen of Fame who I’m sure wishes she owned my domain. If you do a search under that famous name, you’ll find that we are both very Googlable. If you just enter “Debbie Allen” in your search, the other Debbie will be listed due to her massive celebrity following. Yet, I’m still showing up on page one due to the keyword domain name that I own. If you adjust the search slightly and put in “Debbie Allen Speaker” you’ll notice that I dominate that search.

This is why owning domains with your name, plus keywords around your expertise, is extremely important. Since I built my business around my name, it would not be smart to change it now. My name has become an important part of my brand. And it’s also the only thing that my ex-husband gave me that I want to keep.


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