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Authoring book opens many doors of opportunity

Your book probably is not going to make you a famously rich rock-star bestselling author; writing is not the way that most experts get rich.

Look at your book as a door-opening opportunity that supports your highly paid expert business. It can be an amazing marketing tool to sell your expertise.

There are over one hundred thousand books published in the U.S. alone every year, and few sell more than a few thousand copies. But that’s not going to stop you from writing a book. As an expert, it’s the best way to increase your income from the spin-offs the book can create. Products, speaking, coaching, events and even movie opportunities can come from your book.

For example, it was my book that got me into the motivational movie, The Compass. The movie’s producer, John Spencer Ellis, found my book in a bookstore. He not only asked me to be in his movie, he also asked many other experts who I featured in my book to be in the movie as well. Within a matter of days from our very first phone call, John Spencer Ellis had a camera crew fly to Phoenix to shoot my part in the movie. All from the exposure that my book created. You never know who’s going to pick up your book and ask for your support as an expert.

It doesn’t take magic to write a book; it’s just a bunch of words. Nothing is stopping you right now from collecting information, coming up with a title and getting started. Writing a good book, compared to a bad one, involves one thing: work! You can call it effort, study, practice or whatever. Sure there are tricks here and there, but writing is really a commitment of work. Yet once you get a system in place for getting your book done, it becomes easier. For example, it took me just three months to write this book – that was a record-breaking time for me, especially with all the other business commitments and a heavy workload already on my plate.

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