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Be Heard by Millions and Change the World with Jill Lublin

We’ve all heard the saying that “any attention is good attention”, but what if instead of submitting ourselves to publicity that isn’t for us, we just found the right ways to get our foot in the door. Today’s guest, Jill Lublin, is a best-selling author and media consultant with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Jill helps her clients find success through attracting the right media attention and getting the foot in the door of their industry to control and share their message. Tune into this conversation with your host Debbie Allen for strategies to get media attention, the importance of utilizing kindness, and how to make success easy through media. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What makes media attention so crucial to success 
  • How Jill uses her publicity course to bring her clients success 
  • What is the profound power of publicity and how it can bring you what you want 
  • What the most common mistakes are when trying to get media attention
  • Jill shares why she started kindness circles and the importance of them 
  • Where to start looking for media attention 
  • How to get your work into the media 
  • Why the media needs you 


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