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Become an Authority by Writing a Book

“Reputation” and “Visibility” are the top two reasons buyers invest in books. Therefore, having your own book brings a higher level of credibility to your expertise. Being a successful author builds your value. Yet does the book itself make you money as a highly paid expert? The book itself is not necessarily going to make you rich. The opportunities that a book creates are where much of the income-generating possibilities will come from.

People often ask me this question: “How do you write a book?” A small percentage of people who ask this question actually hope to hear, “Anyone can write a book.” Most just want permission. But the truth is they don’t need permission and there are no rules to book writing, there is no license required and no test to take.

Writing requires no financial resources – just a pen, paper (or computer) and some focused effort are all that has been required for hundreds of years. If the Marquis de Sade could write a book in prison using a quill (or anything else he could get his hands on), you can certainly write a book from the comfort of your own home.

How do you write a book? “Butt in the chair!” Just sit down and write! What it takes is an extended commitment of time. That’s why few aspiring authors actually end up getting their work published.

After I completed my first book I thought, I’ll never write another book because it’s too much work – and now I’m on my sixth book. Never say never! Writing a book is not only time consuming, it’s actually somewhat of a self-indulgent process with lots of focused alone time. The upside to taking the time to write is the final outcome…you’re a published author!

What I really enjoy about books is the notion that people can make up creative thoughts in their minds and then turn them into something REAL on paper. Words can be powerful. I love seeing books come to life. It inspires me to keep going. There is nothing like holding your new baby (your book) in your hands once you’ve given birth to it, so to speak. As a published author you also learn to love and respect books even more. If you like being creative and turning words into sentences then you might just learn to love the process of writing, too!

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