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Measure the Return on your Social Media Investment

relaunchThe question of measuring your social media marketing return in exchange for time can be a tricky one. Can you really say whether a certain customer came to you because of a particular social media post, or is it a result of several different marketing activities? When used strategically, social media... Read More

Turn Followers into Warm Leads

6333839659_585c62b376_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ron Mader

Building a large social media following is important, but if you are not getting those followers to join your own database, they are not YOUR followers. Social media is always changing and that makes your social media following volatile. You could lose your... Read More

Convert Followers into Real Fans

5892139808_bd467ca8b1_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Sean MacEntee

Once followers start receiving valuable free information from you they turn into REAL fans who follow your social media posts, newsletters, blogs, etc. When your free sign-up is tied into email autoresponders, you develop an automated system that does the marketing for you.... Read More

Educate and Inform with Your Expertise on Social Media

Today’s online followers want to be informed; they don’t want to be SOLD to or spammed with constant promotions. That’s a fast way to lose followers and fans on social media. Use your social media posts for brief, interesting information, links to relevant blog posts or your expert articles. You can also... Read More

Develop a Social Media Strategy

9733284483_e147eda73b_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Yoel Ben-Avraham

The two questions most people ask about social media are: “Where should I be ... and what do I post?” With so many social media sites to consider (and more popping up all the time) selecting the right ones to put your... Read More

Social media sites you must pay attention to

6290003115_7788c41563_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Sheila Scarborough

So, let’s go back to the initial question, “What social media sites should I be on?” The answer is: You should be on the sites that get you the best results from the content you are promoting. What sites are driving the... Read More

5 Reasons Why Viewers Don’t Trust Your Website

seven-steps-website-332Every business owner knows the importance of having a website to promote their business. But are you gaining more viewers or turning them off with the image and brand you create online?

It is your website that viewers check out when wanting to learn more about what you have to offer.... Read More

Instant Advertising Success Strategies

Money FlowingWhy do so many businesses lose too much money on their advertising and simply give up? Because their marketing efforts are too business-focused and not customer-focused. Keep a strong focus on your core customer base and know everything about how they think and act.

If your advertising is not working, don’t... Read More

Trigger Enthusiasm for Every Prospect

success-online-300The key to your sales success is to raise your own energy and enthusiasm; when you do, people will automatically be attracted to you and what you have to offer. Enthusiasm and energy attract!

You have a tremendous responsibility to always be ON. Just as an actor walks onto a stage, you... Read More

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