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Get Social with Social Media

Building social media connections is NOT about trying to sell someone ... it is ALL about building quality connections and business relationships online.   

To develop real connections be personable and approachable with your posts. Cultivate better relationships through quality comments.  

Common sense goes a long way when it comes... Read More

Identify and Target Your Core Market

Who is your ideal customer, and how are you going to find him or her and build a long-term business relationship?

One easy way to start out is to think about your product or services in terms of who it serves. Then ask yourself, “What problems can I solve for people that... Read More

Join Forces with Your Competition

When you find other experts who do similar work, offer to joint venture with them to create more opportunities for both of you. It can be a great win/win with the right joint venture partners. Your competitors can be your best form of marketing because you both have the same target market... Read More

Set Yourself Apart from the Masses

What direction will you take to set yourself apart from the "Sea of Sameness?" There are a lot of life and business coaches. How will you set yourself apart and define your expertise? You must find an area where you can dominate in the marketplace. When you pick a clear path to... Read More

Great Coaches Lead with Their Heart

Decide what path you want to take with your coaching business and OWN it. For example, you can’t call yourself a business coach and a life coach. You’re either going to be a personal life coach or you’re going to be a business coach; one or the other, not both! People often... Read More

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