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Success on Our Own Terms

Defining our own success means knowing why we want it. For example, when we say, “I want success!” What are we really saying we want?

Taking ownership of our success means taking full responsibility for our direction.

If we are going to spend the rest of our life doing something,... Read More

Define What Success Means

The number one reason most people don’t succeed is not taking the time to define what is wanted. One of the most important things for each of us is to know exactly what we want. What does success look like or feel like? If we don't know, we attract confusion.

Success... Read More

Prepare to Win!

Success is a birthright. We are put on this planet to be successful and that requires no apology. A person who is 100 percent committed to success cannot fail.

My belief is everyone arrives here on earth with a mission. And once we discover the truth about who we are... Read More

Success Is EASY…With Definition

Here’s a little secret: We can have whatever we want in life as long as we are willing to plan, focus, and execute it. It’s that easy!

When we are born, we explore, reach out, believe in things without explanation or proof, and we are curious. We feel like we can do anything, go anywhere, be whoever... Read More

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