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Brand Domination is KEY

Brand Domination is KEYBrand domination is KEY to getting noticed online. So what is brand domination? Brand domination is when someone types in your name or brand online and the main expert they find on pages one, two and three of Google is you, your brand and your expertise. There is no doubt about this, the search engines are considered to be all powerful, a place where you can dominate with your brand and your expertise faster than ever before.

Why should you dominate the internet for your personal name and your brand name? Just dominating for your name is fine if your name is your brand. If you have a brand name and this is how you present your business or products to the market place then you need to dominate for your brand name as well.

People buy brands. You want your brand name to be easy to remember. If you can dominate for your brand you have achieved the first step toward online domination.

If you are a well-known expert within your industry people are more likely to search for you by name than by your brand name. If you can, gain domination for both your name and your company’s brand. I am amazed at the number of businesses that fail to stand out because they have selected brand names that conflict with other businesses online. This will only set up roadblocks to getting more exposure online.

Have you ever typed in your name and established what comes up?

Does your name and brand name show up on the first page of Google?

If the answer is YES to both of these questions then you are on your way to online domination. If the answer is NO you are missing the ability to attract new clients online.

When you really OWN your expert brand online it’s harder to switch to a new brand direction, but it can be done if you know how to redirect your online traffic.

As long as you aren’t going too far off your brand and market, you could be able to shift things dramatically in a matter of months. For example, it was challenging for me to reinvent my business brand after leaving a three-year business partnership and a world tour with nearly 80% of my business being international. When I decided to leave the business partnership and get off the world tour I had to rebuild my online brand, website and social media accounts. It took a lot of work, but within a matter of a few months I was able to completely redirect my brand and online domination. Once that happened, new and redirected opportunities began to appear.

Why brand domination is so important

If you are the go-to expert in your marketplace, people want to know more about you before they meet or talk to you. The internet is where people go to find the answer to virtually any question they have. This means if someone wants to learn more about you, they are most likely going to turn to the internet to check you out by a search engine. But, of course if they type in your name and cannot find you, the first thought that comes into their minds is simple: Is this person really an expert in their field if Google has not listed them? Yet, if you are listed high on Google they will often think you are the authority because Google and other high ranking search engines are listing you as the dominating person for that expertise. Let me put it this way, if you do not dominate then someone else will!

You must have internet domination around your name and brand so when people search for you online you can easily be found. This is the first step in determining what direction you’ll take with your brand when building your expertise. And this is why it’s so important to set your brand name around a .com that you own.

If you are rebranding or creating a new brand, make sure you do an online search to see who is already listed with the same or similar name.

To dominate for your name and brand requires a number of different activities. It all starts with a website; you need to secure the .com domain name for your personal name and brand name. The next step is to create at least the following social media accounts for your name and/or brand name, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

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