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Build a Mental Picture With the Power of Focus

In order to progressively continue on your journey, you must have clearly defined objectives with measurable steps toward your goals.

How many steps and how much time it will take is of little consequence.
The key to experiencing satisfaction is to maintain focus and constant enthusiasm during your journey. Keep your dreams and goals firmly planted in your mind, know where you are going and make progress in that direction each day.

Deciding on incremental steps necessary to achieve your goals will provide you with structure to keep you pointed in the right direction, and will supply you with the map to chart your progress. Like a well-planned road trip, you will always see where you are relative to where you are going and will enjoy the successful completion of each segment of your journey.

Build a mental picture of your success and envision yourself living the dream already. Use positive self-talk every day and reward yourself along the way. Stating your goals in a positive, present-tense statement will keep them clear in your mind.

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