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Build a Targeted Online Community

Build an online community

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Don Hankins

To build a targeted following and become known online you must create valuable expert content and encourage sharing of your information. The content you create must offer real value to your target market. This sounds pretty simple but very often quality gets left behind in favor of quantity. Your content must intend to solve a pain or problem that your target audience is facing and it must also showcase you as the expert in this area. Great content sent once per week via email will keep your new followers engaged. After you have built an online relationship with them from a few well-crafted emails and some video training, you’re ready to make your first offer.

There are two types of content. One should be lead generating content such as articles, ebooks, free guidebooks and interviews that provide a call to action for your followers to join you. The second type should be educational content that is intended to share quality and helpful information that will showcase your expertise such as training videos, webinars, teleseminars, Google Hangouts, etc.  

Become social with your followers  

Begin listening and connecting with your followers so they can learn more about you or your business right away. If you don’t engage them they won’t be encouraged to stay in your community. Sites like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn allow you to join your targeted communities, connect with them and share information they find valuable.

To build an expert following you’ll need to give people a reason to follow you. Never underestimate the importance of sharing personal bits of information about yourself. Some of the best connections I’ve ever made were as a direct result of something personal I’ve posted online. Even a kind word or a “comment post” could gain you a following to your community. Be sure to spend time only on social media sites that will ensure a return in followers to your community. Your results will be directly proportional to how many people join your email list.

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