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Building Ethical Relationships with Nancy Butler

No matter where you currently are in your career, financial life, or relationships, the sky is the limit! Today’s guest, Nancy Butler, shares how she built her business from the ground up as a newly divorced, single mom, with no more than $2,000 to her name. In this conversation with Debbie Allen, Nancy discusses how to build ethical relationships with clients and maintain those relationships. Join Debbie in this interview to learn more about how you can enhance your own business, share your knowledge with the world, and build an honest following. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Nancy shares how being a single parent inspired her to build a successful business 
  • Clients can tell if you’re genuine and honest, and if you bring them good business, they’ll bring you more business 
  • Asset management and financial planning are the top things Nancy helps clients with 
  • Getting special training and designations in the areas you want to work in will help you build your business and shows qualification 
  • Nancy shares how her desire to help others inspired her to become a published author and speaker 
  • Nancy talks about having a dating life while trying to start a business 
  • Finding your passion and your skillset and turning that into your career will help you find success 
  • Not getting set in your ways and taking risks is vital to staying current in your business 


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