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Systemize your Coaching or Consulting Business

Daily OrganizerThis is one area that may take time to figure out and set up at first; but once you have a proven system in place, your consulting program will run like clockwork and you’ll be able to take on more clients and monetize your consulting programs more effectively. Every part... Read More

4 Steps to Building a Successful Consulting Business

Success BuildingConsultants have more of a guiding role in which they advise their clients to do the work that will achieve the desired results. If you believe that you are not the “hand-holding” type and more of the “advisor-type,” then consulting may be a better fit for you rather than coaching. How... Read More

Manifest Your Most Ideal Clients

flickr Hartwig HKD Courtesy of Flickr user Hartwig HKD

Consulting is a wonderful career that allows you to give from your wisdom and your heart. It allows you to share your expert skills with others and allows you to guide your clients to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, inspire hope and encouragement,... Read More

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