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Offering Your Client a Virtual VIP Day

Virtual VIP intensive business breakthrough days are a favorite way to offer personalized mentoring with my clients. The VIP intensive days not only save me time when it comes to travel, they save my clients time and money as well, and they are a great way to gain immediate results. Virtual VIP... Read More

Geting them to show up and buy

The easy part is getting ready for the call and actually delivering the class. Any expert can do this, but not everyone can turn the call into a sales opportunity. To make this happen you must have a system in place that fills the call funnel and produces your end result: more... Read More

High-End Product Sales Online

Thinking big - Courtesy of Flickr user Tambako the Jaguar Thinking big - Courtesy of Flickr user Tambako Jaguar

Would you like to make big sales from your expertise working your own hours and staying at home? The sales skills you will learn can pay off in many ways. You can... Read More

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