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Increase Your Focus Under Pressure with Penny Zenker

We all have thoughts and to-do lists running loose that we need to wrangle. Sometimes it helps to be pointed in the right direction when trying to get everything back in order. Today’s guest, Penny Zenker, is a “focusologist”, international speaker, business strategy coach, and professional “squirrel wrangler”. Penny specializes in helping business owners... Read More

Overcoming Doubt to Create the Life You Want with Carolina Billings

Women are often faced with doubt and societal expectations that keep them from pursuing their dreams and instead, succumbing to a traditional lifestyle. While we all have our own paths, it’s important we pursue the career and life goals that bring us happiness, not acceptance. In today’s episode, Carolina Billings shares what inspired her... Read More

How to Be a Corporate Action Hero with John Davis

We all have a choice to stay positive, present, and cultivate success in our lives. Today’s guest, John Davis, is a professional Fight Director, a stuntman, an artistic director of three regional theme parks, a sword-fighting comedian, motivational speaker, author, and coach, but most importantly, he has dedicated himself to being an action hero.... Read More

Decision Making is Key to Success with Steve Haffner 

Making decisions can often be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s guest, Steve Haffner, is a decision performance specialist who uses mentalism and psychology to help individuals improve their decision-making skills. 

Steve and Debbie discuss how to overcome natural instincts that prevent us from reaching our goals, the importance of collaboration, and... Read More

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