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Boost Your Business by Becoming an Expert

Becoming a recognized expert in your field is an excellent way to boost your sales and business income. Expert positioning is a proven model that practically guarantees fast success!

Whether through extensive education, years of hands-on experience, or a natural aptitude for a specific area of business, there are... Read More

Toot Your Own Horn

Once you figure out how YOU will best represent your overall brand, the next step is to get really good at marketing yourself. I call this "shameless" self-promotion.

Self-promotion, when done effectively, works for ANY business or career. Once you begin to implement the proven marketing strategies behind it, it’s much easier to be successful in anything you set your... Read More

Referrals Create Warm Leads

Trust ~ Courtesy Pixabay user Myriams-Fotos Trust ~ Courtesy Pixabay user Myriams-Fotos

Highly paid experts have clients who come to them with ease; they don’t need to chase down prospects to get them to buy. Referrals fill the pipeline and keep business flowing in. Increasing your referral business will make your... Read More

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