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Educate and Inform with Your Expertise on Social Media

Today’s online followers want to be informed; they don’t want to be SOLD to or spammed with constant promotions. That’s a fast way to lose followers and fans on social media. Use your social media posts for brief, interesting information, links to relevant blog posts or your expert articles. You can also... Read More

Develop a Social Media Strategy

9733284483_e147eda73b_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Yoel Ben-Avraham

The two questions most people ask about social media are: “Where should I be ... and what do I post?” With so many social media sites to consider (and more popping up all the time) selecting the right ones to put your... Read More

Social media sites you must pay attention to

6290003115_7788c41563_z Photo courtesy of Flickr user Sheila Scarborough

So, let’s go back to the initial question, “What social media sites should I be on?” The answer is: You should be on the sites that get you the best results from the content you are promoting. What sites are driving the... Read More

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