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Client List

Corporate Clients

  • Administaff Services (Multiple Seminars at National Sales Conference)
  • American Institute of CPA’s (Seminar at Annual Convention)
  • American Sun Systems (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • Arch Pool Chemicals (Numerous Customer Appreciation Seminars)
  • Barclays Global Investors (Staff Workshop)
  • Bio Lab (Seminars at Annual Conference)
  • Bontiz Flooring Group, Inc. (Keynote for Sales Conference)
  • Building Owners & Managers Association (Keynote for Annual Meeting)
  • BWI Garden Wholesalers (Keynote for Dealer Conference + Breakout Seminar)
  • Corwin Automotive Group (Workshop for Sales Managers)
  • Central Boiler (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference + Breakouts)
  • Choice Bank of Arizona (Featured Keynote for Customer Appreciation Event)
  • Duxiana Advanced Technology in Sleeping (Strategic Planning + Meeting Facilitation)
  • Fibre Tech, Inc. (Featured Keynote for Annual Educational Conference)
  • FTD Florist, Inc. (Numerous Featured Keynotes on Road Show)
  • Heartland Tanning, Inc. (Featured Keynote for 2 Annual Conferences)
  • HASA Pool Chemicals (Numerous Customer Appreciation Seminars)
  • Hormel Foods (Women’s Conference Keynote)
  • Learning Streams™ Advisory Board (Mastermind Meeting Board)
  • Manor View Farms (Dealer Conference Workshop + Client Consulting)
  • Maximizing Success Wealth Building Events (Keynote + Emcee)
  • MacPherson Artcraft (Featured Keynote at Dealer’s Conference)
  • Menards Home Improvement Centers (Keynote Presentations for Sales Managers)
  • Moen Corporation (Featured Keynote Presentations for Divisions)
  • On Rite Hair Loss Franchise (Featured Keynote for Franchisees)
  • Rain Soft (Featured Keynote for Dealers & Sales Conference)
  • RD Weiss Flooring Companies (Workshop for Sales Staff)
  • Siemens Industry, Inc. (Keynote + Breakout)
  • Sprint Yellow Pages & RH Donnelly (Numerous Customer Appreciation Seminars)
  • StarNet Commercial Flooring (Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • S&M Moving Systems (Featured Keynote for Sales Team)
  • Smart Tan International (Seminars for Annual Conferences + Consulting with Client)
  • Sports, Inc. (Keynote for Convention)
  • Success Series International (Multiple Keynotes for National Tour)
  • Thomas Kinkade Galleries (Annual Conference Seminars)
  • Tastefully Simple (Featured Keynote for 4 Regional Conferences)
  • Tom Hopkins International (Keynote for Sales Mastery Boot Camp)
  • The Fiducial Group (Keynote at Bi-Annual Convention)
  • Waverly Fabrics (Featured Keynote for Annual Convention)
  • William Arthur Fine Stationery (Keynote for Annual Dealer’s Summit)
  • Wine Styles Franchise (Keynote at Annual Conference)
What impressed me most about working with Debbie Allen was how she made every effort to greet and talk to as many of our customers as possible prior to her presentations. The value in those moments that she shared with our customers showed her true passion for helping others achieve success. Our customers gained practical information that they could apply instantly along with the courage and motivation necessary to look at their business from the outside in. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm, sense of humor, positive attitude and contagious optimism that Debbie brought to each one of our eight training workshops.

Vincent DiFurio, Arch Chemical Pool & Spa Corporation

Debbie is a real pro! She went above and beyond the call of duty by doing onsite research to learn more about our industry before her keynote presentation. She then tailored her presentation to fit the needs of our organization and our clients perfectly. I highly recommend her!

Rhonda McCarthy, On Rite Hair Loss Franchise

We are often reluctant to bring speakers back because most do not generate new material when asked to return in consecutive years, but having Debbie back again built on the success of her first presentation. It was a home run! As measured in our post-conference evaluations, our 2,000 attendees felt strongly that your program was definitely results-oriented. Our industry needs a wake up call to compete in a highly competitive marketplace and Debbie’s presentation and consulting work that led up to the program continued to help us make that happen.

Joe Levy, International Smart Tan Network

Debbie has great energy and a wonderful sense of humor! My customers were so excited and motivated by her presentation. One of my best customers told me she thought Debbie’s business seminar was the best she had ever attended.

Sharon Lavachia, Avecia Pool & Spa Products

International Clients

  • Bridal Marketing Association / Cancun Mexico (Featured Workshop for Annual Convention)
  • Casual Furniture Retailers Association / Cancun Mexico (Annual Convention Workshop)
  • Canadian Gift & Tableware Show / Toronto Canada (Numerous Keynotes + Workshops)
  • CIS Office / Ontario Canada (Featured Keynote at Shareholders Conference)
  • Garden Centre / London England (Keynote at Annual Convention)
  • Green Industry Council / Durban South Africa (Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Grupo Salpro Gift Show / Mexico City Mexico (Numerous Trade Show Seminars)
  • International Franchise Expo / New Delhi India (Keynote + Workshop)
  • Kravco Retail Properties / Montego Bay Jamaica (Featured Keynote for Sales Conference)
  • Life Lasting Success Conference / Dublin, Ireland (Featured Keynote)
  • Partners Conference Management / Singapore (Workshops)
  • Power Business Mentors International (Multiple Workshops for International Tour)
  • Re/Max Promotions / Halifax Canada (Keynote for Sales Conference)
  • Retail Business Technology / Melbourne Australia (Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • Retail Institute of Turkey / Istanbul Turkey (Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • Sharp & Shine Conference & Events / Dubai (Workshop)
  • South African Nursery Association Durbin, South Africa (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
I can name 100 executives who would have paid $1,000 each to listen to Debbie speak for another 2 hours!

John Kalogerakis, President of JMK Consultants; Athens, Greece

Debbie’s keynote presentation helped to make our convention a huge success! In fact, it was voted one of our best yet and Debbie’s sparkling personality certainly had a lot to do with it! Her dynamic presentation style, wealth of wisdom and enthusiasm for our industry made for a winning combination.

Paul Vonk, Conference Chair, Green Industry Council, South Africa

It was a wonderful experience working with Debbie Allen. Even after the seminar was over, she took the time to brainstorm with us on how we improve our marketing and seminar attendance. We greatly appreciate her professionalism, positive attitude, enthusiastic commitment and willingness to share. We look forward to establishing a long-term collaboration with Debbie!

Delphine Ang, Owner, Partners Conference & Events, Singapore

Mortgage & Real Estate Industry

  • AUMA Mortgage Lending (Opening Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Blueprint Financial (Keynote for Sales Team)
  • MA Mortgage Lending Association (Opening Keynote for Annual Convention)
  • Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Corporation (Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • Mortgage Financial Services (Keynote for Annual Sales Meeting)
  • Mortgage Speakers Bureau Conference (Keynote at Annual Conventions)
  • National Association of Professional Women in Mortgage (Keynote for Conferences)
  • Old Republic Home Protection (Keynote for Sales Meeting)
  • Realtors Commercial Alliance Signature Series (Multiple Presentations)
  • Re/Max Integrity Real Estate (Keynote)
  • Re/Max Promotions / Halifax, NS Canada (Keynote for Sales Conference)
  • AUMA Mortgage Lending (Opening Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate (Featured Keynote at Annual Sales Rally)
Debbie Allen always gives a dynamic presentation and WOWS audiences at my own mortgage events and also those of my bureau clients. Every time we work together (and that is often) she receives raving testimonials from my clients. She is a real PRO and I look forward to working with her for years to come.

Karen Deis, President of Mortgage Speakers Bureau

My loan officers remain energized and focused due to Debbie’s dynamic presentation. She also took the time to give special one-on-one attention that made her impact that much stronger.

James Purtell, CEO Mortgage Financial, Inc.

Associations and Business Conferences

  • Abundance Seminars (Featured Keynote)
  • American Nursery & Landscape Association (Seminars at Annual Conference)
  • American Outdoors (Seminars at Annual Conference)
  • American Specialty Toy Association (Featured Keynote + Breakout at Annual Conference)
  • Association of Crafts & Creative Industries (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Atlanta Western & English Association (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Aqua International (Numerous Breakout Seminars)
  • Arizona Governor’s Conference (Featured Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Arizona Preservation Society (Featured Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Arizona Western College & SBDC (Small Business Workshop)
  • Association of Small Business Development Centers (Seminars at Annual Conference)
  • Bakersfield Women’s Conference (Breakouts at Annual Conference)
  • Billings Market Association (Featured Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Bowling Proprietors Association of America (Featured Keynote for Conferences)
  • Buyers Market of American Crafts (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • California Association of Nurseries & Garden Centers (Full Day Workshop)
  • California Gift Show (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Central AZ Community College (Small Business Workshop)
  • Connection Conventions (Featured Keynote + Workshop)
  • Dallas Market Center Gift Show (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Dance Retailers (Featured Keynotes at Annual Conference)
  • Denver Gift Show (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Denver Merchandise Mart (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • E Biz IT PA (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • Florida Nursery & Garden Association (Breakouts at Trade Show Event)
  • Garden Market Expo (Annual Expo Workshop)
  • Global Shop (Keynote for Annual Trade Show)
  • Holistic Health Expo (Training for Show Exhibitors + Seminar for Attendees)
  • Illinois Main Street (Conference Seminar)
  • Independent Stationers (Seminar for Annual Convention)
  • International Coaching Federation (Keynote for Conference)
  • International Jr. Leagues Association (Featured Keynote for Annual Convention)
  • International Concierge & Errand Association (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • International Mass Retail Federation (Keynote for Annual Convention)
  • International Pool & Spa Institute (Breakouts at Annual Conference)
  • Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association (Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Kansas Nursery & Landscape Association (Keynote at Annual Conference)
  • Kansas Main Street (Small Business Workshop)
  • Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Women’s Conference (Keynote + Emcee)
  • Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Mid-American Horticultural Trade Show (Breakouts at Trade Show Event)
  • McCauley Design (Educational Conference Workshop + Consulting)
  • Nationwide Marketing Group (Keynote Presentation + Breakout Seminar)
  • Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (Seminars at National Conference)
  • Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • South Carolina Nursery & Landscaping Association (Annual Meeting Workshop)
  • South Central Hearth Products Association (Annual Conference Workshop)
  • Men’s Apparel Guild & Women’s Wear Daily (Featured Keynote for Tradeshow)
  • Mid-Atlantic Hearth Products Association (Featured Keynote for Conference & Tradeshow)
  • Minnesota Health Care Gift Shop Association (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • National Association of Appliance Dealers Association (Seminars for Annual Conference)
  • National Association of College Stores (Breakouts for Annual Conference)
  • National Ice Cream & Yogurt Retailers Association (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • National Kitchen & Bath Association (Breakouts for Annual Conference)
  • National Art Material Trade Association (Featured Workshop Presenter for Annual Conference)
  • National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • National Association of Home Builders (Workshop for Association Staff)
  • National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (Featured Keynote for Conference)
  • National Association of Professional Organizers (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • National Association of Personnel Services (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (Featured Keynote for Multiple Events)
  • National Speakers Assn. (Featured Keynote at State Chapters + Seminars at Annual Conventions)
  • Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (Featured Keynote for Annual Conference)
  • New Mexico Floor Covering Association (Featured Keynote for Sales Meeting)
  • NW Hearth Products Association (Featured Keynote for Annual Meeting)
  • Oasis Gift Show (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery + Penn State (Featured Keynote + Breakout Seminar)
  • PGA Golf Expo (Seminars at Numerous Trade Shows)
  • Professional Paddleman’s Association (Featured Keynote + Seminars)
  • Professional Photographers Association (Featured Keynote)
  • Redwood Empire Floor Covering Association (Featured Keynote for Annual Sales Meeting)
  • Surfaces Floor Expo (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • SW Pool & Spa Show (Featured Keynote + Panel Facilitation)
  • The Columbus Marketplace (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Washington State Main Street / Vancouver, WA (Breakouts)
  • Western English Sales Association (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Western Exhibitors / Seattle & San Francisco Gift Shows (Seminars at Trade Show Event)
  • Writers & Publishers Conference (Featured Keynote)
  • World Floor Covering Association (Seminars at Annual Conference)
  • University of Kentucky (Featured Keynote at Entrepreneurial Conference)
The feedback from our attendees was outstanding! Debbie Allen was the BEST keynote speaker we have had in the past 10 years. Her energy and style were first class and the content perfect for the group.

Becky Naugle, Director, University of Kentucky Conference

Debbie Allen is one of America’s GREATEST business speakers!

Matthew MaNashes, Director, National Paddle Sports Association

Debbie’s amazing support of our organization was greatly appreciated. She was a big reason our conference was the largest and best ever. We look forward to working with you again.

Christopher Fielder, National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers

As convention organizer, Debbie made me look like a genius! Many of our members approached me after her presentation and confirmed what I already knew; they were informed, inspired and excited!

Jim Mason, President, Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association

Debbie’s keynote met with resounding admiration from the hundreds of attendees. They offered such positive feedback about the quality of the education she provided and demanded that we ask her to come back and speak again.

Margaret O’Neal, Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Conference

Debbie’s presentations at our conference were a BIG HIT! Her seminars were packed with standing room only. Those attending used words to describe her vast knowledge and enthusiasm for business as … Exception! Perfect! Excellent! Creative! Inspiring! Informative! Entertaining!

Steve Jacoby, Conference Chair ASBDC Annual Conference

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