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Communication Success Strategies with Glenn Michael Milliet 

Effective communication is crucial to building a successful business. A common mistake business owners often make is assuming that talking in itself makes up effective communication. However, there are vital strategies to implement into your communication techniques in order to build relationships with your clients. 

Today’s guest, Glenn Michael Milliet, is a business communication expert who teaches business owners how to be a fearless communicator. Glenn and Debbie Allen discuss how to master the art of influence and become an adept problem solver for your clients. 

Join Debbie Allen in this conversation for key strategies to attract, maintain, and consistently satisfy your target client by utilizing communication. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Listening to learn what your customers want is the top strategy to making sales.
  • Talking in itself is not effective communication. Finding ways to connect with people is the objective of communication.
  • Finding solutions to people’s problems will maintain satisfied and consistent clients.
  • People will bring you more business if they know, like, and trust you.
  • Glenn shares bold strategies he’s used to generate more business. 
  • Adapting to modern times is crucial to staying relevant. 


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