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Create a Great Presentation Title That Sells Your Talk

Selecting an attention-grabbing presentation title is critically important to getting meeting planners to notice you. You need something that not only stands out, but also sets you apart from other speakers. It’s important to focus on your brand and your uniqueness and create a title that doesn’t underwhelm or overwhelm your audience. The use of your brand adds another layer to your presentation titles.

The more captivating and benefit-rich the presentation title is, the stronger the urge to learn more about what you speak on. As a speaker, your program titles are your headlines. If the content is too basic or unoriginal, chances are your brand power or platform isn’t going to hook a meeting planner or your audience.

A powerful program title is a detailed description that is results-driven, innovative and has a strong engagement factor.

When putting your titles together ask if they:

  • Grab attention and make your brand stand out
  • Entice a response from event planners and audiences
  • Consistently stand out from your competition
  • Increase your opportunities to get booked to speak
  • Offer solutions to problems

When you offer solutions to your audience’s innermost fears, hesitations and needs, you capture their attention. Each one of your program titles should solve a problem that your audience is facing.

For example, if you were a speaker on employee engagement, which program title is more engaging?

  1. Employee Management: How to Get Your Team to Think, Act, and Perform with Less Effort, and Better Results
  2. Employee Management for Success: How to Optimize Critical Team Thinking, Elevate Performance Levels, and Develop a Goal-Achieving Team Culture

If you chose #2, you’re correct!

Solution-based titles are essential to adding credibility to your level of expertise and providing a tangible value to your services.

In summary:

  • Create a captivating and benefit-rich title for your presentation
  • Utilize your brand in your presentation title or subtitle
  • Solve a problem and offer a solution to your audience


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