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Creating a Clear Vision

The number one reason that people fail to achieve their goals:

Lack of clarity of vision about what
they actually want to achieve.

The reason for the lack of clarity is they have not made a strong enough commitment to develop clarity of their vision.

Before you can fully believe in your vision, you must first have an idea of what it looks like. To paraphrase the old adage—we must see it before we can believe it.

Here’s the good news: When the vision is clear and when the belief is passionate, then the action becomes a joy—not a chore.

What vision awaits a bold and decisive move by you?

What fearless adventures are ahead of you to see it, feel it, achieve it, experience it and live it?

When you answer these two questions you are ready to walk the path of changing the world around you. To be achieved, a vision must clearly be seen. To clearly see your vision, start with goal clarity. Goal clarity helps to define your vision. Goals provide the drive, motivation and commitment to achievement.

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