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Creating a Success-Driven Mindset

Some people were taught that if we just work hard, we’ll succeed. But that’s just not true! Why the hell are we lied to?

Working hard for someone else might get us a paycheck, but there’s absolutely no guarantee that working hard for someone else will pay off when it comes to developing our successful future. Working hard for a company will not necessarily get us promoted. There is much more to success than simply working hard because if that was the case, millions of people around the world would be a lot more successful!

Hard work doesn’t always pay off when we work for ourselves either. I see too many small business owners working hard just to tread water versus focusing on developing a more successful business.

I know this first hand myself, because as a new retail store owner I thought working long hours would help me get ahead, too. But working harder simply made me more frustrated when success didn’t come easily. When I worked hard I got exhausted and burnt out. Working hard made me less productive in growing business success. Hard work gets things done, success requires innovation, creativity and new insight.

Too many people believe it’s hard to succeed in life. That it’s too difficult to push through and achieve goals and attain all the things desired. But that’s completely false!

I should have failed to succeed many times in life, but it was my mindset and my drive to succeed that pushed me through the most challenging obstacles that stood in my way. In fact, I’m proof that Success is Easy because I …

. . . started every new business with little or no experience.
. . . survived despite doom-sayers all around telling me I was crazy.
. . . was a less than average student with very limited education.
. . . started with very little knowledge of every industry I launched into.
. . . had limited funds for investing into each of my new startups.
. . . lost everything a couple of times in my life and started back up from ground zero to succeed all over again.

Yet, despite many obstacles, success kept finding me time and time again.

Why? My passion, determination and commitment to succeed was stronger than accepting failure. This pushed me to climb over, push down and tackle any barrier placed in front of me. I was determined to move far beyond the norm with 100 percent commitment to succeed!

Now, I’m not saying to follow my business plan with no experience, no knowledge or no money. That’s not the easy path to follow and I’m sure some readers are thinking, “That’s not a good business model to start with.” It still proves that even with obstacles piling up around us, we can still succeed with a strong commitment.

It doesn’t matter where our commitment comes from, it only matters that we embrace it and create a success-driven mindset! I’m not sure where my personal commitment and my passion to succeed comes from.
I didn’t grow up learning this was the way of life.

There is something inside of me that is independent, shameless, sassy and strong enough to fight for it. I want more out of life than the status quo and I know I never want to work for someone else.

During the process of success building it’s possible to experience what I have experienced: More happiness, more opportunities and more money than I ever imagined possible. Once a person tastes success like this, having more of it in life is fun, and it gets easier.

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